Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WMRC Run Reminder for 1/28/09

This is a very late reminder but everyone knows the drill. 5:15 AM top lot squaw peak drive. One hour run. Every Wednesday, all year round, rain or shine, dark or cold!
2008 year end awards tabulation was so close it went into a recount. Those hanging Chads. Mark is working overtime.
Great day for all at Jody's Cave Creek trail marathon. ROW goes to all who fell and / or drew some blood. The list is long!!!! See Jody's report below.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cave Creek Trail Marathon Report 1/25/09

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to everyone that came out to run. I also want to thank my family that helped out during the run. It was a beautiful day and the course was in excellent condition.
This years’ weather was warmer than normal at the start, which provided a pleasant beginning to the run. The clouds came and went through out the day, I was good on my promise and no rain appeared to dampen the spirts of the runners.
I changed the course this year and added on an extra 1.2 mile out and back at the start so we could have an “official” marathon distance. The extra 1.2 mile was well received by the runners as the runners expressed they enjoyed the new trail versus the jeep road.
Donna Rice and I ran out to see the runners on the out and back section and all looked well. We ran down the trail and I noticed that some of the ribbons had been pulled that I had put up the day before. I thought that could be a possibility on this section since it was still in the spur cross preserve. As we progressed toward the trailhead across the creek, I took note that my ribbons had been pulled on the trail going to the aid station. This was a problem because you can go either left or right and it can be confusing. Sure enough, as Donna and I were returning down the trail we saw some runners coming up that had taken the left fork instead of the right. I was told later that all of ribbons on the trail to the aid station had been pulled. That’s a 12 mile stretch! Someone was busy making sure my friends were challenged above and beyond what was necessary. I’m really sorry that happened.
I was told the most difficult trail from aid station to finish was still marked. Thank goodness.
As the runners were coming in, Zachary fired up the grill and cooked hot dogs and veggie burgers. Everyone seemed to be happy with their run. I was pleased everyone enjoyed themselves and made it back safely. With the exception of the jerky horse riders and the person who pulled 12 miles of ribbon, I believe the event was a success. This is the 6th year and I will plan on many more to come. Who knows, maybe some year it will turn into a 50K.
Regarding the money that was donated. First of all, it was very generous of you to donate in the first place and thank you. Secondly, I have donated the money this year to an organization called foothills animal rescue here in Cave Creek. Last year they lost their facility for housing the homeless animals and now have foster homes around the area. Some foster homes are housing up to 20 dogs at a time. The woman I talked to on the phone has 8 cats and 2 dogs in her home now. Their goal is to raise $10,000 at a fund raiser next week with the ultimate goal of $200,000 to acquire a new home for the animals. I told her I would like to give the donations I collected yesterday to start off the fundraiser. She was very pleased to accept our monetary gift.
Thank you so much for coming out and I’ll see you at the same place next year.
Jody Chase
  1. Andrew Heard 4:31
  2. Paul Bonnett 4:31
  3. Michael Labrecque 4:31
  4. Artemus Bourque 4:46
  5. Dave Cauthon (25 miles) 4:52
  6. Liz Everly 5:10
  7. Kirk McCarville 5:12
  8. Jules Drelick 5:12
  9. Honey Albrecht 5:13
  10. Mark Cosmas 5:17
  11. Steve Ward 5:43
  12. Aaron Mascarella 5:55
  13. Paulette Zillmer 5:56
  14. Candice de Saint-Antoine 5:56
  15. Josh Motter 5:57
  16. Brian Wieneke 6:10
  17. Laura Nagy 6:12
  18. Ron Harding 6:12
  19. Dan Brenden 6:12
  20. Kevin Higgins 6:18
  21. Debbie Leftwich 6:25
  22. Jeff McCoy 6:25
  23. Dave Binder (late start) 6:34
  24. Donoran Sailsa 6:39
  25. Joanne Hughes 7:05
  26. Bob DeHaan 7:05
  27. Kent Krestan 7:25
  28. Mary Jordan 7:29
  29. Roy Reisluger 7:32
  30. Robert Andrulis 7:43
  31. Joe Galope 7:46
  32. Carol Cuseck 7:46
  33. Linda Van Tilborg 7:47
  34. Karen Berregan 7:47

Honorable Mention: Nick Coury, Jamil Coury, Jim Hershbergen, Rick Greene

Mt. Ord Run February 7th 8:00 AM

Laura Nagy has organized a Mt. Ord Run Saturday February 7th at 8:00 AM. Do any distance you're up to. 50K, 26 miles or less! Laura will have a table with water, gatorade and food up the mountain at the Y (4.5, 10 and 26 mile mark). She will also have a water drop at mile 15.

Directions: Take SR-87 North toward Payson. Just outside of Sunflower the road climbs significantly. At the top there is a safety pullout and a Mt Ord sign. Drive pass the Mt. Ord sign and head down into the valley. At the bottom of the valley is a turn out onto a dirt road with a parking lot. (does anyone know the Mile Marker???)

Here is the link that Laura did showing the course: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2458686

Any Questions?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 WMRC Shirt Order

By popular demand, we are about to order new WMRC running shirts. This WMRC shirt order will be through RaceReady (the same company as last time). RaceReady arguably makes some of the finest running / athletic shirts available. Very breathable, lightweight fabric. 100% made in USA. 100% USA Fabrics. Check out the website here: www.raceready.com. We have even more options than our last order!

You can pick from 6 different styles:
1. Unisex Cool T's
2. Women's V-Neck
3. Men's Sleeveless Trail Shirts
4. Men's Singlet
5. Women's Singlet
6. ReadyTech Alta Long Sleeves

Specific colors for each style below.

Some sizes not available in all styles, see below.

Last order, all shirts include a gray/silver WMRC logo. This time around, you have a choice between the gray/silver, all black, or all red logo. The all black may show up better on certain color shirts such as yellow, light green, gray, and white.

(Approximate based upon a total order of 60 shirts)
$16 - Cool-T, V-Neck, Trail Shirt, Singlets
$18 - Long Sleeves
Amazing prices!! Pay after the shirts arrive.

Email order to Jamil Coury at rugged.jamil@gmail.com including:
Order as many shirts as you would like!

Please have your order in by Monday, February 9th.

Unisex Cool-T

Royal, Lemon, Purple, Lime, Black, White, Red
XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (Unisex sizing)

Women's V-Neck

Black, White, Purple, Lemon, Royal, Red
XS, S, M, L, XL (Women's)

Men's Trail Shirt

Royal, White, Lemon
S, M, L, XL (Men's)

Men's Singlet

Red, Lemon, Orange, White, Lime, Black, Royal
S, M, L, XL, XXL (Men's)

Women's Singlet

Lime, Black, White, Royal, Red, Orange, Lemon
S, M, L, XL (Women's)

ReadyTech Alta Long Sleeve

Royal, Red, Silver, White, Orange, Twilight Blue Other colors (not shown): Black, Raspberry
XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (Unisex sizing)

Close up of fabric:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Directions: Cave Creek Trail Marathon 1/25 7:30 AM

Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area is located approximately 35 miles north of central Phoenix. Interstate 17, State Route 51, and Loop 101 can all be used to reach the park. From the intersection of Carefree Highway and Cave Creek Road head north on Cave Creek Road about 2.5 miles to Spur Cross Road. Turn north for approximately 4.5 miles to the public parking area. After 3 miles the road turns to all-weather graded. The last 1.5 miles can be confusing; continue north on the graded road past the green house, through the tall gateposts and on past the horse corrals to the signed public parking area on the right.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WMRC Run Reminder for 1/21/09

The new year is in full swing, the days are getting longer, weather is great and racing season is upon us. Perfect ingredients for a group trail run. Tomorrow morning 5:15 AM. Meet at the top lot of Squaw Peak Drive. Plan on a little over one hour. Headlamps are still needed but soon we can dump them!!!
Runner of the week goes to Perry Edinger for running HURT 100 in Hawaii. Perry finished 16th in 31:26:00. Hurt is known as a very difficult hilly, rutted, rooted, muddy race. Nice job in this picture navigating through the tree roots!

Runners up to those that ran and supported the rock and roll marathon on Sunday. A special shout out to the WMRC pacers who dialed it in! Paul Bonnet led the 3:20 group to finish at 3:19:23 and the team of Honey, Joe and Chip led the 3:45 group to a time of 3:42!!

Also, rumor has it that the Husband and Wife team of Frank and Theresea Cibulka both ran the marathon in 3:54 then promptly went over to the Cardinals NFC Championship game. That is what I call extra credit!!! Time for both of you to keep the fitness and hit the trails!!

Remember Jody's Cave Creek Trail Marathon Fun Run this Sunday the 25th. Check out one of the posts below for more info.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WMRC Run Reminder 1/14/09

As always there will be a group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve tomorrow morning 5:15 AM. Meet at the top lot of Squaw Peak Drive north of Glendale Ave. Last week we had 18 runners. Come one come all!!! Its Jody Chase's Birthday so she gets to pick the route. Plan on a little over one hour.

No runner of the week as the WMRC brain trust is breaking down the Cardinals NFC Championship football game. The executive commitee is also compiling the runner of the year awards which will be announced next week!!! Very close competition in all categories. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 5, 2009

First Wednesday Morning Run 2009

Baby New Year hasn't said much yet but has drooled in a reminder for everyone to go on a group trail run this Wednesday Morning. Meet at the top lot, Squaw Peak Drive, 5:15 AM for a little over on hour at a slow to moderate pace. The turnout has been great this winter lets keep it going. How many Wednesday morning appearances in a row can you do?
Congratulations to all that participated and helped out at Across the Years, Running from an Angle 50 mile and Castle Hot Springs 22 mile trail.
Achieving his first Runner of the Week award is Nathan Coury for completing 100 miles within 24 hours at Across the Years. Nathan is only 18 years old so his older brothers Jamil and Nick better watch out!! BTW, the Coury brothers Dad ran 53 miles! Nice job Dad! Besides the Coury Family other notables: Robert Andrulis who completed 143 miles in a 72 hour period and Paul Bonnett who socialized 38 miles and ran the show.
Coming in at an extremely close second is Joe Galope and Chris Harrison for their performance at Running from an Angle 50 mile race outside of Las Vegas. Joe ran 8:00 good for 9th place and Chris Harrison ran a PR of 8:38. Great job boys.
Rounding out the weekend running activities was the Castle Hot Springs 22 mile trail run. Adam Hunt finished 4th at 3:01. Adam was closely followed by Honey, Kirk, Ron, Debbie, Jeff McCoy, Kate McCarville and Joanne.
Lastly, what is the saying? A picture is worth a thousand words. Well here is a few thousand of them. Go Red Birds!!!!

Ever wonder what Mark looks like durning the game?:

Friday, January 2, 2009

Superstition Snow

Superstition Snow from Jeff Jones on Vimeo.

Family Update / Report

Hi WMRC friends and Happy New Year!

I tell you what, when there is somebody in need, WMRC comes through. Thanks to you, we raised $600.00 in cash, a $100.00 gift cert. to Safeway, gift certificates to Frys, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Macaroni Grill, also a 40 lb bag of dog food!
Shea and I were not sure how we were going to give this to the family. Kind of awkward. We put together a spaghetti dinner with some board games in a box. We enclosed a card letting them know they are not alone, and this is from people who care. Put the money and gift cards in the box too and wrapped it up.
Shea and I went to their house early Christmas Eve. We put the dog food by their side gate, then rang the door bell. Debbie answered, we gave her a hug, wished her happy new year, gave her the present, told her there was something by her side gate, (she said, "I hope it's not another dog." ) then we quickly left her with a bewildered look on her face.
About 20 min. after I got home, Jeff called me. He said he did not know quite what to say. Where did this come from, who can I thank? I told him about the wonderful people from wmrc, and no thanks is necessary. His story hit home with all of us, you just never know...and they wanted to help in some small way. They were so overwhelmed, so amazing there are such nice people out there...that don't even know them! I told him, our group has the BEST people! We talked for quite some time. He has done all the tests and paperwork for a transplant. The doctors tell him he is a good candidate, at least for now. They are on COBRA ins., which last for 18 months, which has approved to cover the transplant. Jeff said he has good days and bad, mostly good. He is on a strict diet, especially low sodium, when he follows it he feels better. He sounded pretty good.
Oh, real quick...he has always liked to hear about mine and Shea's running. Said he saw on the cover of some small paper, a guy who just finished his first marathon after having a liver transplant 18 months before. I told him, when he is recovered from his transplant, he is going into training. We will get HIM on the cover of a paper finishing his first marathon...and I would be his personal trainer. Said he would love that!!! A good goal to set.
Thank you again my good friends!

Cave Creek Trail Marathon Fun Run January 25th, 2009

When: January 25th, 2009

Time: 7:30 AM

Where: Spur Cross Conservation Area
Cave Creek, Arizona

Distance: 26.2 Miles with 6,200' elevation gain

Hydration: 60 oz. Minimum to start

Aid Station: There is one aid station at the 12 mile mark.

Jody Chase would like to invite my running friends to participate in another trail run in beautiful Tonto National Forest. This is only a gathering of friends who enjoy each other's company, the trails and would like to train on this gorgeous loop in a semi supported fashion. I will provide water/aid at the "top" of the loop, approximately 12 miles and will mark the course so I don't lose anyone. Maps will be provided. Although you are responsible for your own direction finding and well being. Donations of $10.00 will be graciously accepted. Whatever is left over after I pay for aid station supplies will be given to charity or other needy entity. This is a tough course that is not for the timid. The average finishing time is 6 hours. If you are not familiar with trail running, trail finding, trail etiquette, are ill-equipped, do not hydrate or are not prepared for the rigors, challenges of trail running in Arizona's back country, please wait another year. Search and rescue are not in my budget. Otherwise, for those who meet the above criteria, I would love to see you in January as some of the toughest runners in the valley gather to share a great run.
For additional information contact Jody Chase at: Ultrachase_1@yahoo.com