Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Happy Birthday to Jeff Jones, I think he is 63 years old but that has not been confirmed. We are on for a birthday jog tomorrow morning. Dogs and old people welcome!

Runner of the week goes to Paulette Zillmer. Lala as she is known other places won the brutally hot Zane Grey 51 mile trail race over the past weekend. She got the 8th fastest time by a woman ever on arguably the toughest conditions the Highline Trail has ever served up. Way to go PJ!

Other WMRCr's out there were Chris Harrison paced by Westy, Jay Danek, Marius Toma, Joh Roig, John Vaupel, Shawn Pfunder, Lisa Osinga, oh and Honey got her 10th finish of the ZG monster! Way to go Honey!

Here to all the finishers and crew that helped them survive the day! Raise a glass to all of you and to JJ on his birthday!

See everyone tomorrow morning at 5:16am for a birthday jog!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Taylor Cosmas WMRC 4.18.12

Tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of the passing of Taylor Cosmas. Little Taylor passed away from SIDS on April 18, 2010. We'll never forget Taylor's beautiful smile. The WMRC run starts at 5:16 AM. Come on out. It will be a slow pace, happy run.

Taylor's parents, Mark and Katie formed Team Taylor last year to raise funds for SIDS research. Hopefully one day there will be a cure to prevent SIDS from happening to other families.

Just like last year Team Taylor will have the largest team this weekend in Pat's Run in Tempe. Its not to late to get involved!!! Check out the Team Taylor website HERE. Please consider a donation, buying Team Taylor shirts and / or joining the after run party at O.H.S.O. Tickets are only $20. Click on the Donation Tab on the Team Taylor Website for more info.

Also, good luck to everyone running in the Zane Grey 50 mile trail run Saturday. Just like the Team Taylor the WMRC runners at Zane will have Little Taylor in our thoughts. We miss you Taylor.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WMRC Engagement Run 4.11.12

If you are a runner, or used to be a runner, come on out for a group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve tomorrow morning. The weather doesn't get much better. Meet at the top lot of Squaw Peak Drive at 5:17 AM. Plan on a little over one hour.

Runners of the week. Joe and Megan! Why?...Well, they had a great run up Secret Mountain this morning...and they are a great looking couple...and Joe had some words with Megan....Nice words....Megan liked the words. Where am I going with this?...I don't know because it may be a secret on secret mountain. I'll do some more research. Congrats to Joe and Megan for ROW!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

RIP Caballo!

I am sure most of you have heard that we lost a true pioneer to the trail running community recently. Micah True passed away last week while out on a trail run in NM. Not sure yet of the cause but one thing is for sure he will be missed.

Runner of the week goes to Caballo Blanco, or the White Horse as he was known by many. May you "Run Free" with angels.

Wednesday we will dedicate our run to Caballo and run easy and light on our feet as he would. Let the trail lead the way and have fun being together out in the desert.

While I did not know him very well, we did share some trail miles together at WMRC a few years ago and MVH and AC100 years back. After meeting him just a handful of times, I felt his passion for life and running and it definitely rubbed off on me.

RIP Micah True. Thanks.

See everyone Wed morning at 5:16am- Top lot of SQ PK DR.