Monday, June 27, 2011

WMRC 6/29

Heyo! We are on for a group trail run of about an hour Wed morning at 5:16 am. Meet at top lot of SQ PK DR.

Runner of the week goes to WMRC veteran and real life veteran Bill Barthen. Bill finished the WS 100 for the 2nd time. 23 and a hlf hrs, battling stomach issues and some sort of limp. Bill is a tough MoFo. Congrats bud!
Other Phoenix runners at States this year were Craig Norquist-27+hrs, Rich McKnight-29:50, Dan Brendan-Duh-if there is a 100 he is there, Toni Vaughn 29 hours. Wanna know how it feels to finish at WS 100...

Coming up.... WMRC'ers in the Hardrock 100 in about 3 weeks. Andrew Heard and Nick Coury, both are looking good for a strong showing up in Silverton.

See everyone Wed morning. 5:16 am.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WMRC 6/22

We are on for a 5.86 mile run tomorrow morning at 5:16 am. Meet at the top lot of SQ PK DR. It will be the 2nd longest day of the year. Random huh?
Runner of the week goes to Lisa Osinga. She finished her first 50 mile race this past
weekend. San Juan Solstice. She decided to just cross that off the list by running the hardest 50 in the country for her first. She finished with 30 minutes to spare. Despite what the picture says, she is not turning pro after this event.
Also running the SJS, were JJ, Steph, Kate and Jody. Sounded like a really tough course. Way to go everyone.

Also big shout out to Mark Hellenthal for his Bighorn 100 finish. Well done!

See everyone tomorrow, btw, Ozzie Jones is now on WMRC probation for chasing a deer off leash and trying to run away while vacationing in Lake City.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WMRC 6/15

Heyoh! Another 100 bites the dust. We are on for a 1:04 trail run tomorrow morning at 5:16 am. Meet at the top lot of SQ PK DR.

Runner of the week- Congrats to Paul Rondeau for completing his first 100 miler in San Diego this past weekend. He overcame some serious heat and a pretty tough course to finish in just over 28 hrs. Way to go Paul, you get tomorrow off if you want it, but we want a full report next week.

Runner up to Jay Danek who quietly has run 455 days in a row. At least 4 miles each day but most days much more, way to go Jay! All that running and avoiding FB for 1.5 yrs is pretty impressive, One streak down, keep up the other.

Mark July 7th on your calendar as Salomon Running will be coming to do a trail demo for us. Come test drive their XR Crossmax shoes. Further details coming soon.

See everyone tomorrow. 5:15 am

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Runner of the week!

Scratch that, Long time WMRC'er Andrew Heard ran the SQ PK 50 outside of Provo UT. He got 5th overall in 9:46, very sorry to Andrew for the oversight of this. I have put Blue Dawg on probation for this fowl up. He is grounded from WMRC for 3 months. See everyone tomorrow.

WMRC 6/7/11

We are on for a 5.77 mi trail run tomorrow morning at 5:16 am. Meet at the top lot of SQ PK DR.

The runner(s) of the week are the double crossing crew that took on the 45 mile Grand Canyon this past weekend. Honey (duh) Jeremy, Jody, 2 Debs, Lizzie, Paulette and Jon Roig (solo) all did the night time crossing this past weekend. Great job everyone, I have attached Jeremy's blog post about it, very good read. Great Job everyone.

Runner up goes to Blue Dog for his record setting time in the 22nd st Honey loop. He will now be taking the rest of the summer off just concentrating on swimming and being cool.

Good luck to Paul Rondeau this weekend as he takes on the San Diego 100 miler, his first. He is being paced by his son, Dan. What a great experience for these two. Paul is ready and I really think he will do great!!

See everyone tomorrow morning, bright and early!!

Late Update: What is our group coming too? How do we ignore a 5th place finish at one of the grandest 50 mile races in the country? Oops! Congrats to Andrew Heard for his great run at the Squaw Peak 50 mile in Utah.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goose Bumps On The Arm

Just read Anton's blog post and thoughts on Western States. No doubt its going to be a hell of a race for 1st. Going down the list it could be just as much a battle for top 10 (us old guys can appreciate those kind of battles!)

JB Benna's trailer for his upcoming WS 100 documentary gets my goose bumps going. I guess I still love this sport, challenge, adventure, camaraderie, personalities, etc...