Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WMRC 2/23

We are on for another trail run in the beautiful Preserve. Tomorrow morning at 5:16am, don't be late.

Runner of the week is a 4 way tie. Honey, Jeremy, John and Matt went out and ran the Cave Creek marathon course on Sunday. Usually this race is supported by the Jody Chase fan club but this crazy group did with no support, drinking out of rivers and eating dead possum on the fly. Great job!
The Big news is that after 5 yrs of dreaming and almost a year of planning iRun is now under construction. Your new running store is about 6 weeks away from opening. A traditional running store only cooler, with a little trail vibe. Trail runners need a place to call home too, this is it! Indian School and 48th st- Safeway Center. Running soon.
THX for all your support. I welcome all your ideas and suggestions. Mark Cosmas mcosmas@cox.net

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pemberton 50K recovery run

We are on for another 1:05 moderately paced trail run Wed at 5:16 am.

Another big weekend for the WMRC trail runners at the Pemberton 50K held in Fountain Hills this past weekend.

Runner of the week Nick Coury was 2nd overall in 3:42 (1st in age group) and Andrew Heard 5th overall in 4:06 (1st in age group). Paulette was 3rd women and 1st in her age group, 4:37. Other WMRCr's were Honey, Joe G, Hoss Harrison , Westy and Robert Andrulis.
Great job everyone!
See everyone tomorrow morning at 5:16.

All Photo Credits: Ian Torrence (THX!!!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WMRC Phoenix run reminder 2.9.11

This is why we live here. 70 degrees, sunny, and arguably the best inter-city / metropolitan trailing running in the country. We are on for a group trail run in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve tomorrow morning. Meet at the very top of Squaw Peak Drive north of Glendale / Lincoln Dr at 5:15 AM. Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace. Headlamps are still needed but soon we can start shutting those darn things off.

Runner of the Week Women's division: WMRC original, Cave Creek Trail Marathon RD, Phoenix Trail Running legend, Current Colorado resident / legend, Jody Chase finishing 1st female overall this last weekend at the San Tan Scramble 50K. That high altitude training is is paying off!

Runner of the Week Men's division: WMRC Karma strikes again. Last year, Scott Jaime comes out for his first WMRC run and wins Zane Grey 50 mile 3 days later. Last week Wednesday, Matt Schmitt shows up for a WMRC run then 3 days later wins the San Tan Scramble 50K in a time of 4:23:21. So to everyone who is thinking about coming out, do it and win a race!

Runner up: Dave Cauthon, who keep on running race after race finished 3rd overall in the 25K race.

Check out Jeremy Dougherty's San Tan 50K race report Here. Good stuff.

The Hardrock 100 lottery was held Sunday. Many WMRC runners put their name in the hat but only two were drawn. Congrats to past finisher Andrew Heard and past top 5 finisher Nick Coury. Those guys will represent WMRC well. Also, 4 time Hardrock finisher Robert Andrulis is 34 on the waiting list. Some decent odds he will get in again.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Cave Creek Trail Marathon Results / Report

The 7th annual Cave Creek Trail Marathon Fun Run.

The weather was perfect for running. Chilly at the start and then warming slowly to 70 degrees with intermittent clouds. The water crossings were low and the trails were in fairly decent condition this year. There were quite a few return runners from previous years and some new runners to make things interesting. Jamil raced in first again this year and lowered his time from last year by 24 minutes. Nick, his brother, came in second and Andrew took the third spot. For the women, Honey ran in as first women and also bettered her time by 15 minutes from last year. Stephanie took second place and Renee from Tucson rounded out third.

Renee ran the entire way this year with Dallas, whom is also from Tucson. Renee told me an interesting story after she finished. Renee and Dallas carpooled from Tucson last year. They were just friends and chatted all the up to Cave Creek, ran the run separately and then chatted all the way back to Tucson. After my run, they continued to stay in touch and talked frequently. So much so that during the holidays of 2010, Dallas asked Renee to marry him. She gladly accepted and they are planning a spring wedding in 2011. Congratulations Renee and Dallas. I'm glad I played a small part in bringing those two together.

I have raised enough money from last years race and this years race to be able to help Desertfoothills Land Trust buy two acres of land with the money raised from donations from the CCTR. DFLT are $700,000 strong and still gaining by fundraising the necessary monies to buy up the surrounding land around Spur Cross and Cave Creek Park. Right now, the land could be sold for development. Let's hope they are able to buy the land before developers do.

Thank you to everyone that got up early and came out to enjoy the day. Hope to see you next year for the 2012 Cave Creek Trail Marathon Fun Run.
Thanks again everyone, it was a pleasure. Jody

1. Jamil Coury 4:26
2. Nick Coury 4:48
3. Andrew Heard 4:58
4. Jules Drelick 5:30
5. Honey Albrecht 5:30
6. Jerry Portelli 5:48
7. Paul Rondeau 5:48
8. Jay Danek 5:48
9. Giles Widener 5:58
10. Tim Widener 5:58
11. Brian Wieneke 6:04
12. Robert Andrulis 6:17
13. Donovan 6:19
14. Ron Harding 6:23
15. Jeff Jones 6:24
16. Stehpanie Buetner 6:24
17. Matt Saxe 6:30
18. Steve Ward 6:50
19. Manoj Nagalla 6:50
20. Renee Webb 6:57
21. Dallas Stevens 6:57
22. Debbie Leftwich 6:58
23. Kate Hansen 7:08
24. Dan Gannon 7:08
25. Andrea Griego 7:08
26. Michelle Miner 7:08
27. Dale Ramsey 7:24
28. Toni Vaughan 7:24
29. Brenna Boyd 7:27
30.Justin Bridgs 8:10
31. Tom Ford 8:55
32. Angela Gohlke 9:15
33. Dawn Ledwell 9:15

34. John Pearce 3:30 (16.4 miles)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cave Creek Recovery Run 2.2.11

Reminder: Group trail run in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve tomorrow morning. Top lot of squaw peak drive. Plan on a little over one hour. Clear and cold Wednesday. 29 degrees. Yikes! Lets put this in perspective before you sleep in like Higgins. Would you rather run in Phoenix tomorrow morning or in over 2 feet of snow / blizzard conditions like in the rest of the country?

Cave Creek Trail Marathon: Jody Chase held the Cave Creek Trail Marathon Sunday. Around 35 hardy individuals enjoyed beautiful weather on a beautiful trail. No doubt a hidden gem just outside of Phoenix. Major props to Jody for keeping this tradition going. She drove down from Colorado to make all of it possible. Reports are still coming in and results will be posted upon receipt. Can't wait to hear about Wardo's perseverance. Details are sketchy: No training, 7 hours, bloody crotch. Check out Jamil's photos here of the first half of the run before he got serious and put the hammer down. Also, check out JJ's 2011 Video below:

Jody's Run 2011 from Jeff Jones on Vimeo.