Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WMRC 5/30

What will tomorrow bring? Group trail run. 5:17 AM. Top lot squaw peak drive. Plan on a little more than a hour at a slow to moderate pace. Any questions? ...Good.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cholloyote on WMRC Run

My prayers weren't answered and I missed the bell Wednesday morning. Looks like I missed a fun one. Here is a sweet picture of Jeremy pulling Cholla out of a baby Coyote they found. Who can fill in the blanks? How far into the run did you find the little one? Where? How banged-up was he? Momma in the area? Was Jeremy successful in pulling out the cholla? Able to run off (not Jeremy, the Coyote!)?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WMRC 5/23

77 degrees at kickoff. Please help me wake up with no problems in the morning. I want to Run! Amen. The evening prayer.

Monday, May 14, 2012

WMRC 5/16/12

We are in for some special treats this week. We have a special visitor coming on Wed, can't tell....

Also, we will be playing a game called, "Let's find James". I have a bet with James Bonnett that he can't live in the preserve for a week like the homeless person he looks like. Wed, we will get some clues as to where in the preserve he slept that night and we will go out and find him. Bring water because we will not be stopping at the trail head.

Runner of the week goes to Gavin Hanover for his PCT 50 mile finish last weekend. He is soaking his quad at the beach right now and may return for Wed.

Meet top lot of SQ PK DR at 5:15, don't be late as we need to get a good start to Find James.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Come run this Wednesday - May 9

Come celebrate Higg showing up 4 weeks in a row.  There may be a fairly large contingent running a rather "casual pace'.  I killed myself at the Grand Canyon.  Jeremy became the first starter of the Mogollon 100 and 26 hours and 85 miles later, he became the first to DNF.  Kudos to Jay, Kirk, Honey, Anthony, Noah, and Danny for running sections of it with him.  Jeremy also made this cool video of Zane Grey 50 so he gets runner of the week.  5:15 a.m., top of Squaw Peak Drive.  Don't be late.  Baked goods for all.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WMRC 5.2.12

Okay, lets get right to the point. Great morning weather equals a great Wednesday Morning Run. 5:17 AM. Top lot of Squaw Peak Drive. Slow to moderate pace. Higgins will make it three weeks in a row to lead group B (even slower pace). Great turnout last week with some first timers. Hopefully they all made it back to the lot.

Am I reading this correctly?! Paulette has the 8 fastest women's time ever at Zane Grey 50 then one week later finishes 8th in a strong field of women at Leone Divide 50 mile!! Wow. What will she do this weekend?