Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WMRC 10/26

Hello everyone!

We are on for an easy trial run in the Phx Mtn Preserve tomorrow morning at 5:16am, top lot of SQ PK DR.

Runner of the week goes to Jay Danek. He should have got it last week for his awesome 12 (10) hour 100K victory at the Javelina 12 hr run. Way to go Jay!

Bad runner of the week goes to Jeremy who then took Jay out to the superstitions the next week and gave him a death march that may cut his streak of 590 days of running in a row to an end. Way to no Jeremy. Read about how much Jay hates Jeremy on his blog here.

See everyone tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Run Wednesday Morning 5:15 a.m.

Guess what....???!! We're going on a trail run this Wednesday morning at the top of Squaw Peak drive. Last week we had over 23 trail runners for the epic journey through the North Mountain Preserve. The run will be about an hour, and about 6 miles. A flash light is needed for about the first 15 minutes. The weather is fantastic. You have no excuse. Be there.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WMRC 10/12

We are on for a group run tomorrow morning at 5;16 am. Should be a great day out there with a very special guest.

Runner of the week goes to University of Arizona AD for relieving Mike Stoops of his weekly temper tantrums and the belittling of 19 yr old kids. Football is supposed to be fun and it is much more fun when you win every now and then. Adios Senior' Stoopido.

Runners up goes to The Matazal crew of Honey and Debbie for putting on the annual 18 miler up there. I know they had about 20-30 people make the trek up and run this great course. Thanks Deb and Honey.

For more info check out WMRC superstar Jay Danek's Blog here.

This week's special guest is Pearl Izumi Ultra Team captain, Scott Jaime. He will be joining us tomorrow as he is in town on business. Scott is an elite ultra runner for many reasons, one of them being, that he is just a great guy and family man.

See everyone tomorrow for an "easy" hour in the preserve.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Mazatzal Run Start

Someone is camped at the usual spot, so just continue down the road another 1/4 mile. We are on the left side still. Pass on the word if you get this. -Jamil

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WMRC 10/5

Hey all, we are on for a easy recovery run tomorrow at 5:16am. Meet at top lot of SQ PK DR. Maybe about

Man vs. Horse went down this past weekend and lots of WMRCer's were going at it.

Runner of the week goes to Marius Toma, he finished his first 50 miler and had a blast doing it. I had a great time running with him and Gavin for about 15ish miles and they were doing great.

Joe G, Gavin, John V, Honey, John Roig, Jamil (3rd pl) , all also did the 50 miler. Some people, person removed them selves from the race with a DNC (did not care) at mile 32. (thanks Megan for the ride back to the start)

Please tell me if I missed anyone, wasn't there for the 25 but know some peeps were there. Sorry.

See everyone tomorrow morning, 5:16am, don't be late! GO DIAMONDBACKS!!!!!!