Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WMRC 10/5

Hey all, we are on for a easy recovery run tomorrow at 5:16am. Meet at top lot of SQ PK DR. Maybe about

Man vs. Horse went down this past weekend and lots of WMRCer's were going at it.

Runner of the week goes to Marius Toma, he finished his first 50 miler and had a blast doing it. I had a great time running with him and Gavin for about 15ish miles and they were doing great.

Joe G, Gavin, John V, Honey, John Roig, Jamil (3rd pl) , all also did the 50 miler. Some people, person removed them selves from the race with a DNC (did not care) at mile 32. (thanks Megan for the ride back to the start)

Please tell me if I missed anyone, wasn't there for the 25 but know some peeps were there. Sorry.

See everyone tomorrow morning, 5:16am, don't be late! GO DIAMONDBACKS!!!!!!


azspeedgoat said...

That is bullcrap, who is that guy getting a ride back to the finish?

Art said...

Nice cha-grin, dude!

Chris Harrison said...

As long as you had fun; that is all that matters. Great job Cos.