Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WMRC 1/26

We are on for a 1:05 moderately paced trail run in the PMP. Wed morning at 5:17 am. Park at top lot of SQ PK DR.

Not sure who ran what so we are giving runner of the week to a legend in the fitness community. No, it is not Kevin Higgins, close but it goes to Jack LaLanne, who passed away at the age of 95.

This cat was was ahead of his time. I remember going to one of his gyms in grade school with my Dad to "exercise". Plus he wore really cool jumpsuits!

Runner up for the runner of the week is Blue Dog, no explanation necessary.

See everyone in the morning.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reminder: Cave Creek Trail Marathon Fun Run 1.30.11

When: January 30th, 2011

Time: 7:30 AM

Where: Spur Cross Conservation Area

Cave Creek, Arizona

Distance: 26.2 Miles with 6,200' elevation gain

Hydration: 60 oz. Minimum to start

Aid Station: There is one aid station at the 12 mile mark. It will have all the regular ultra type food.

Jody Chase would like to invite her running friends to participate in another trail run in beautiful Tonto National Forest. This is only a gathering of friends who enjoy each other's company, the trails and would like to train on this gorgeous loop in a semi supported fashion. Last year was a record turn out of over 40 people. I will provide water/aid at the "top" of the loop, approximately 12 miles and will mark the course so I don't lose anyone. Maps will be provided. Although you are responsible for your own direction finding and well being. Donations of $10.00 will be graciously accepted. Whatever is left over after I pay for aid station supplies will be given to charity or other needy entity. This is a tough course that is not for the timid. The average finishing time is 6 hours. If you are not familiar with trail running, trail finding, trail etiquette, are ill-equipped, do not hydrate or are not prepared for the rigors, challenges of trail running in Arizona's back country, please wait another year. Search and rescue are not in my budget. Otherwise, for those who meet the above criteria, I would love to see you in January as some of the toughest runners in the valley gather to share a great run.

2010 Report and Results

2010 Videos: Here and Here
For additional information contact Jody Chase at: ultrachase_1@yahoo.com

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Post RNR trail run 1/19/11

Reminder: Group trail run in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve tomorrow morning 5:17 AM. Meet at the usual place. Very top of Squaw Peak drive north of Glendale / Lincoln. Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace.

Runner of the Week: 4 months ago WMRC runners Steve Ward, Chris Harrison and Dave Westhoff were on a Marathon training run with their good friend Gregg Alpert. After the run Gregg died unexpectedly from cardiac arrest. To honor their friend, Steve, Chris and Dave ran the PF Chang's marathon Sunday carrying Gregg's bib number and timing chip symbolically finishing the race and recording a finish time. Well done men!

Congrats to all the others who ran and finished the Marathon. Also a special note to Laura Nagy who keeps the Mt. Ord Marathon run alive. Sounds like a good group had great time Saturday. Snow up on top.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WMRC 1/12/2011

We are on for an hourish trail run from top lot of SQ PK DR. Wednesday morning at 5:15 am.

There were a lot of runners up for runner of the week this past weekend. We are going to go with Joe Galope. He finished the Running from an Angel 50 miler at Lake Mead, NV. He ran it in 8:26. Great job Joe, that, and it was his b-day week, so it was well deserved. Any pictures Joe?

Other races for WMRCer's this week. Xterra for Allison, Lisa O and Laura. Castle Hot springs 22 miler for me, Honey, Kirk, Kate, Debbie, Robert H and Arron. This race was won by Robert H in 3;18. That is fast for anyone, let alone a 60 something yr young man. Honey was 2nd place and 1st chick in 3:23.

Great weekend for the WMRC crew, keep it up. Good luck to all in the Rock and Roll this weekend.

See you all in the morning.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WMRC 2011-Finally

2011 is finally here, thank god! We are on for an easy to moderate 1 hour trail run in the preserve tomorrow at 5:16 am. Meet at the top lot of SQ PK DR.

Runners of the week go to the crew that did Jeremy's Superstition 50k, Honey, Boone, Paul, Paulette, Matt, Jon, Dallas, Renee and some others I did not recognize. It looked like a fun (Brutal) but cold day in the Supes to be had by all. Thanks to Jeremy and Jen for hosting, great job!

The Coury bros hosted another great event at the ATY 24, 48, 72 hr run at Nardini Manor. Cold rainy weather and they still pulled it off with flying colors. Well done boys!

See everyone tomorrow morning, it was 37 degrees this am when I got out of my car so dress warm.