Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WMRC 8/29/12

We are on for a easy to moderate trail run tomorrow morning at 5:16 am. Park at top lot of SQ PK DR.

Runners of the week:
 Dave "Westy" Westhoff and Chris "Hoss" Harrison ran the beautiful Bulldog 50km 
in Malibu Creek Canyon on Saturday.   A cool foggy morning greeted runners on 
the first loop (25km), giving way to a perfect second loop in the beautiful 
scenic Santa Monica Mountains.   After a strong first loop,  Westy pulled ahead 
on the second loop with an epic climb up Bulldog mountain and then crushed the 
long downhill to snag a 5:29:44 and PR!  Way to go Westy!  Hoss followed up with 
a 5:44:38.  The traditional brews & beach followed the race and capped off a 
great day. 

See you all tomorrow morning, we are going owl hunting again, so dress in camo and  paint your face! Headlamps soon...I know just the place to get them also. Mention WMRC to get your discount at iRun.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WMRC 8/8/12

Tomorrow morning at 5:16 am. Top lot of SQ PK DR.

There will be sweat, heat, blood and dirt. Not necessarily in that order.

Since I am too busy or lazy to look up what people did this last week, you know the rules. Blue dog gets the runner of the week award.

Probably should go to Jay Danek or James Bonnett for their efforts at Speedgoat 50K.  But oh well.

We have a large group going to Mt Ord Sat am. Meet at Fountain Hills Dennys at 4:15am or at bottom lot of Mt Ord at 5am. We will have aid station at the Y with regular ultra food and drink.

See you all in the morning, should be nice weather. Ugh.............