Monday, August 31, 2009

Wednesday Run Reminder for 9/2/09

Will it ever cool off? Reminder: Group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, Wednesday morning 5:14 AM. Meet at the very top lot of Squaw Peak Drive north of Glendale Ave. Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace. First timers are always welcomed and encouraged. Still trying to hold off on the headlamp!

ROW: What do you do after completing Hardrock? Do you put your feet up, rest and look at running pictures? If you are Honey, you keep on pushing. After running over 2hours Saturday in the White Tanks with Cos, Aaron and Robert A. you go up to Flag on Sunday and run 30 more mountain miles!

Don’t forget about the runs this weekend. Javelina 12-hour night run and the Squaw Peak Challenge. September 5th and 6th. Start Saturday 6:00 PM and run one, two, three or four loops on the Pemberton Trail (McDowell Mountain Park) then keep it going with a short quick run up Squaw Peak at 2:17 PM Sunday. A double dip mini grand slam. If you squeeze in the Jerome Hill Climb Sunday morning between the two that is a triple dip and a shoe in for Runner of the week!
The 2009 Angeles Crest 100 mile run has been cancelled due to forest fires.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"That's Ultra"

Former Phoenix resident, AJW on his way to a 9th place overall finish at Leadville 100. Warning, video not for everyone.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Leadville Recovery Run 8/26/09

Reminder: Group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve Wednesday morning 5:15AM. Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace. Meet at the top lot of squaw peak drive. With a little luck maybe a little ran. I think we’re still okay without a head-lamp. The darkness is coming, I will not give in! ROW: Congratulations to Nick Coury for his 28th place finish at the Leadville 100 trail run in Colorado. 23:12:00. Great job Nick. The photo above is left to right Brothers Jamil, Nathan, Nick and ???

Remember to keep the dates September 5th and 6th for the 12 hours of Javelina 6:00 PM Saturday and the Squaw Peak Challenge 2:17 PM on Sunday.

Thanks to Joe, there is now a WMRC Facebook page. Just another way everyone can communicate and stay in touch. Check it out and sign up!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Leadville 100 Results

28 Nick Coury Tempe, AZ 23:12:03

1 Timmy Parr Gunnison, CO 17:27:23
2 Nick Lewis Memphis, TN 17:44:26
3 Duncan Callahan Gunnison, CO 18:26:40
4 Andrew Henshaw West Point, NY 18:56:41
5 Jeff Beuche Boulder, CO 18:58:40

15 Lynette Clemons Leadville, CO 20:58:01
21 Jamie Donaldson Litleton, CO 21:53:37
22 Darcy Africa Boulder, CO 21:55:22
40 Rebecca Wheeler Casper, WY 23:58:24
44 Kelly Cronin Yosemite, CA 24:14:22

It appears Kirk has dropped at Twin Lakes.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Anton Krupicka listed as DNF at Fish Hatchery

Leadville 100 update, through Winfield (50 miles)

9 Nick Coury 8:44:00
29 Kirk McCarville 9:41:00

1 Anton Krupicka 7:20:00
2 Timmy Parr 7:29:41
3 Nick Lewis 7:59:00
4 Duncan Callahan 8:02:00
5 Andrew Henshaw 8:25:00

28 Lynette Clemons 9:39:00
36 Jamie Donaldson 9:54:00
44 Kelly Cronin 10:15:00
60 Sus Brozik 10:34:00
69 Christy Sauer 10:42:00

There is no update for Robert past Box Creek Pass.

Leadville 100 update, through Fish Hatchery (23.5 miles)

18 Nick Coury 3:32:00
297 Kirk McCarville 4:44:00
460 Robert Andrulis 5:24:00

1 Timmy Parr 3:06:00
2 Anton Krupicka s.t.
3 Gustavo Reyes +3:00
4 Josh Mietz +6:00
5 Andrew Henshaw +6:00

37 Jamie Donaldson 3:47:00
46 Lynette Clemons +3:00
50 Tammy Stone +7:00
51 Rebecca Wheeler +7:00
65 Kelly Cronin +13:00

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Phoenix Mountain Preserve Morning Run 8/19

Reminder: Tomorrow is Wednesday. That means a group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. Meet at the top of Squaw Peak Drive north of Glendale Ave past the main trailhead of Piestewa Peak. Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace. First timers are always welcomed to join in!!!

Runner of the Week: We know you are out there. Somewhere.

Good luck to Kirk McCarville, Nick Coury and Robert Andrulis who are running the Leadville 100 mile trail race this weekend in Colorado. This is one of the Grand 100 mile trail races in the country. If a webcast can be found it will be posted on the WMRC Blog.

Save the dates for the 12 hours at Javelina and the Squaw Peak Challenge. September 5th and 6th. Start Saturday 6:00 PM and run one, two, three or four loops on the Pemberton Trail (McDowell Mountain Park) then keep it going with a short quick run up Squaw Peak at 2:17 PM Sunday. A double dip mini grand slam. See the two previous posts for more info.

Monday, August 17, 2009

16th Annual Squaw Peak Challenge 2009

What a lame monsoon season thus far. At least we have something to look forward to: The Challenge is on. Let the PAIN continue!

Recent global weather trends as reported by the National Weather Service indicate that this is an unusual year - the hottest days of our searing summer have yet to dawn. Thus, after careful evaluation and analysis of the Farmers' Almanac heat index - the confluence of maximum ambient air temperature and "peak" humidity - for the summer of '09, it has been decreed that the Challenge shall commence precisely at 2:17 PM Arizona time on Sunday September 6, 2009 at the base of the Squaw Peak Summit Trail. Handicaps will be based on, as usual, a number of vague, amorphous, and as-yet-to-be-determined criteria.

Last years race was a cooker - 112F. This was similar to 2000 race that was "warmed" by 111 degree "breezes" - measured in the shade of course. Notwithstanding the inferno, there was a stunning absence of heat exhaustions, broken egos, and shattered dreams. Hopefully, this year's race will return to normal and provide many of us that slice of humble pie lacking in our otherwise harmonious lives.

Come one, come all to the Challenge. Test yourself on what promises to be a sizzling September afternoon. Do not listen to the voices of doubt in your head - "It's too hot, I'm out-of-shape, the organizers are sadists." Instead, break on through to the other side with some heat training!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Javelina 12 Hour Night Run

I would like to invite everyone to a full moon night run on the Pemberton Trail on Labor Day weekend. The park trails are normally closed at night, so this is a unique opportunity to run in the desert under a full moon. If you are interested in running, please sign up using the link below. So far we have 50 people signed up! We will be keeping track of times and number of laps completed! Details below. -Jamil

Javelina 12 Hour Night Run - A full moon night run on the Pemberton Trail

When: Saturday, September 5th to Sunday, Sept. 6th, 2009; 6pm to 6am

Who: Anyone and everyone is welcome

Cost: Free* (*There is a $6 per vehicle park entrance fee, so carpool!)

Contact: Jamil Coury - 602.361.7440 -

Join us for a 12 hour run on the Javelina Jundred race course. We will record times for each lap and results will be posted after the run. Kachina Rescue (our medical team for the Javelina Jundred) will be on hand to tape feet and assist in any problems that come up. Please visit with them and address any concerns you may have.

We will be providing limited aid at the trail head (Water, Succeed! ULTRA, Gatorade and a few snacks), but you will need to carry enough water and food to make it around each 15.4 mile loop. There will be no support out on the race course. Runners are encouraged to bring a snack to share.

Run as many loops as you would like. Last year we had approximately 40 runners attend. You may also test out your costume if you want to!

1 lap = 15.4 miles or 24.5 kilometers
2 laps is approximately 50k, 3 laps 75k, 4 laps 100k, etc.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to School Time

The end of summer is near and vacation time is over. Time to get back to work. That is why we are on for this Wed 8/12 at 5:16 for an easy 1:04 run. I say easy it will be easy. Higgins has volunteered to lead and will not even break into to a jog. I will have a leash on him just in case.

Runner of the week is a tie between Jeff Jones and Michael Chen. They both completed the Mt Dissappointment 50 miler over the weekend just outside of Pasadena. I hope to go there someday to watch the Wildcats play football on New Years day, but I am not holding my breathe. But I digress. JJ completed the race in just under 13 hours gaining his re-admittance to the WMRC and Micheal finished around 14.5 hours. The amazing thing about Michael, as usual, he did not train for this, I think he did 2- 10 mile training runs if that. Well done boys. JJ's movie is posted here....

Mount Disappointment 50M Run from Jeff Jones on Vimeo.

Runners up are Joe Galope and Laura Encinas. Both completed the Flagstaff half marathon in 1:49 and 1:54 respectively. Great job up there. Did you guys do beer bongs with Matt Leinart after, just askin....

We will see everyone tomorrow morning, should be good weather for this time of year.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Perry's Ultimate Race

Read Bob Young's article in the Arizona Republic about Perry Edinger. The 3 audio Slide Shows are very moving. The Ultimate Race

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mt. Disappointment 50

Any one know the results of JJ and Michael's 50 mile run?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why Not Run?

Reminder: we are on for a group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve tomorrow morning. 5:14 AM. Meet at the very top parking lot on Squaw Peak Drive. North of Glendale Ave. Plan on a little over one hour.

Runners of the Week: Congratulations to Liz Everly and Laura Nagy for completing the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier. They completed the 93 miles over a three day period. 22,000 ft of elevation gain.

Runners up: Honey and Jody reaching over 30 miles in Flagstaff over the weekend.

Back of the pack: Higg drove over 450 miles in Northern AZ!

Below is the Wonderland Trail Map. The views must have been incredible!!