Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cholloyote on WMRC Run

My prayers weren't answered and I missed the bell Wednesday morning. Looks like I missed a fun one. Here is a sweet picture of Jeremy pulling Cholla out of a baby Coyote they found. Who can fill in the blanks? How far into the run did you find the little one? Where? How banged-up was he? Momma in the area? Was Jeremy successful in pulling out the cholla? Able to run off (not Jeremy, the Coyote!)?


Mandi Runs said...

Oh my gosh that is so cute, poor little guy! #hopethemamawasnotaround

wittearch said...

We found this guy about 3/4 mile in. He was pretty much covered with cholla...I think 8 of them. I held a stick in his mouth while Jeremy pulled off the cactus with another stick. Once we got the big ones off and Jeremy picked him up by the neck the Coyot calmed down quite a bit...this was pretty cool to see. I thnk we pulled out another 100 needles after the big stuff. Took about 10 min. ...but it was worth it...some of the guys came by ater in the run and said it had another cholla stuck to its chin...I hope the thing makes it...does not seem too smart.