Monday, May 14, 2012

WMRC 5/16/12

We are in for some special treats this week. We have a special visitor coming on Wed, can't tell....

Also, we will be playing a game called, "Let's find James". I have a bet with James Bonnett that he can't live in the preserve for a week like the homeless person he looks like. Wed, we will get some clues as to where in the preserve he slept that night and we will go out and find him. Bring water because we will not be stopping at the trail head.

Runner of the week goes to Gavin Hanover for his PCT 50 mile finish last weekend. He is soaking his quad at the beach right now and may return for Wed.

Meet top lot of SQ PK DR at 5:15, don't be late as we need to get a good start to Find James.

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Anonymous said...

That Hair is my hero. Always trust a baby's instincts on whether a guy can be trusted or not.