Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WMRC 2/23

We are on for another trail run in the beautiful Preserve. Tomorrow morning at 5:16am, don't be late.

Runner of the week is a 4 way tie. Honey, Jeremy, John and Matt went out and ran the Cave Creek marathon course on Sunday. Usually this race is supported by the Jody Chase fan club but this crazy group did with no support, drinking out of rivers and eating dead possum on the fly. Great job!
The Big news is that after 5 yrs of dreaming and almost a year of planning iRun is now under construction. Your new running store is about 6 weeks away from opening. A traditional running store only cooler, with a little trail vibe. Trail runners need a place to call home too, this is it! Indian School and 48th st- Safeway Center. Running soon.
THX for all your support. I welcome all your ideas and suggestions. Mark Cosmas mcosmas@cox.net


Honey said...

I'm getting all goose bumpy with excitement for the iRun grand opening!
WMRC will have a cool place to "call home." Yay to Mark and Katie!!!

Jeremy said...

Yes, that is really exciting!! I'll hold out on getting new shoes until then!

I think you should sell Darntough.com socks. From Vermont. Made in USA. Best socks ever. Just sayin'


Nick Coury said...

James and I stopped by the store on a run, but it was closed! Can't wait!