Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WMRC 3/2/11

We are on for a 1:04 trail run in the Mountain Preserve tomorrow morning at 5:16 am. Don't be late! The weather right now is awesome!!!!

Runner of the week goes to Paulette who did the ultra division of the Ragnar Relay and did double duty logging 55 miles on the nasty black tar asphalt. I saw her running up Dynamite road passing peeps like they were standing still.

Other WMRCers at the RR were Joe G, Randy O, John P, and me. Not sure of anyone else, let us know.
Runner up goes to Honey who went out and ran the Bell Pass/Tom Thumb loop in the snow on Sunday morning. She is one bad ass ultra chick!.

See you all tomorrow morning

i run store coming soon!!! - Store front wrap during construction:


Peter & Pati said...

Good job to all. FYI Jamil & Nick Coury made it safely to Urique for the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon on Sunday. (Mom)

Higg said...

Thanks for the update on Jamil and Nick.

Peter & Pati said...

I just heard from Nick, the phone call was broken, but he told me that he and Jamil came in tied for 7th place. (Mom)