Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WMRC 3/9/11

The OP/Supes/Copper Canyon recovery run. Wed. 5:15 am, Top lot, SP PK DR.

We are on for a 1:05 run in the preserve at an easy pace as a lot of WMRCer's put down some big mileage this past weekend. Sorry, this is gonna be long. That's what she said. (MSDMPC)

Runner of the week goes to Honey Albrecht for finishing her 713th Old Pueblo 50 miler in the mountains s/o Tucson this past weekend. She cruised in at 10:17 to take 3rd female. Picture courtesy of our NM buddy and my 2006 Leadville 100 com padre, Neil Blake.

Boone gets runner up for finishing his 1st 50 miler and placing 4th overall in 8:35. Other finishers that I saw were Jerry Portelli (1st 50!!!) Jon Roig and Laura Nagy. Great job everyone.
WTF! Runner Up for an 8:35 50 miler in the mtns!!!! I should be fired! Sorry Boone. Chicks rule!

The Coury brothers went deep into Mexico's La Sierra Madre for The Copper Canyon Ultra made famous in the book, Born to Run. With 367 starters, after a rugged 51 miles Nick and Jamil crossed the finish line together in 7th place and the first international finishers. Everyone ahead of them was Raramuri tribesman running barefoot in sandals! These kids are primed for a huge year again. WTF! Great Job!

There was also an underground 50 miler going down in the Superstitions Mtns this past weekend. Since we have no pictures or proof that it really happened, we will just say that JJ, PR, and JD ran 50 rugged miles in the supes wilderness with 11,000 ft of elev gain. Oh yeah, all that with no aid station or crowds cheering them on.

Screw it, for the first time ever, I am taking away Honey's runner of the week award and giving an equal tie to everyone above, you all kicked ass and are deserving. I know she wants to share!

Congrats to the AZ Wildcats for their 12th conference championship in the PAC 10! If you can guess which team finished in last place you get a free iRun technical running shirt.

See everyone in the morning, make it a great day! Another iRun shirt to whoever figures out the acronym in parentheses at the top of the page.

Don't forget the The Mesquite Canyon races put on by the Courys in the White Tanks this weekend. I will be making my 2011 Ultra debut in the 50K!


Jonesman said...

The fact that Jerry Portelli completed his first "official" ultra is impressive in itself. What is even more impressive is how he got here/there and the quality of person he is.

I wish you well JP and hope that this is just the beginning for you. I look forward to many more runs with you in the mountains.

momo said...

my kids tell me you're not supposed to 'that's what she said' yourself. ;)

so, since you seem to be a cats fan (BEAR DOWN!!), i'm going to guess asu finished last???? fingers crossed?

here's hoping i can keep up this week, recovery run sounds promising! see you all tomorrow!

Joe said...

I heard they were out there for that Superstitions run for 17+ hours. Sick.

Honey said...

Yes, I love to share! Jerry P. and Boone really do deserve it. Tough conditions with the wind and they both ran awesome races.
Hopefully I'll see you kids tomorrow...go easy on us. :)

Jeremy said...

17Hours and 35 minutes to complete 51 miles. Crazy. Nuts. Ridiculous. But also some of the best trails, best views and most rugged country you'll ever see. I took 150+ photos and will get them up soon.

Great job Boone,Jon, Honey, Jerry, Laura! 8:35 seems ridiculously fast...right??! Geesh.


Higg said...

Let the record show that 3 years from now UofA's pac 10 conf championship will be pulled due to recruiting violations. MSDMPC=My Sun Devils Mark's Poor Cats.

azspeedgoat said...

Momo wins the first tee shirt! Great job, BEAR DOWN. For the other acronym thing, think.....The Office....

Bigg Higg said...

Michael Scott Dunder Mifflin Political Correctness. I'll take a large shirt!

Boone said...

Thanks guys, but I think runner of the week should go to Paul Rondeau's right leg! Have you seen the pictures?

Little Higg said...

I was close. Michael Scott Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Cos, please no more acronym puzzles. I need to get some sleep and work in.