Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WMRC 3.30.11

Can you believe this great weather? Come on out for a group trail run tomorrow morning in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. Headlamps can be turned off about half way through the run! Yippy! Meet at the very top lot of Squaw Peak Drive north of Glendale / Lincoln. 5:17 AM. Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace.

Last week was a bloody morning. Two falls. No broken bones, one broken watch! With that said lets get down to the Runner or Runners of the week (falls of the week):

1st place is Paul Rondeau who wins for his fall during last weeks Wednesday run. You get extra credit for a major event durning a WMRC! 2nd place goes to Jody Chase our Colorado member. Jody ran the Antelope Island 50M on Saturday. Fell early into the race and broke her hand (some bone behind her pinky and middle finger), and still finished 8th female overall! Way to go Jody!

Also, major props to all those that have been out to the Zane Grey 50 (Highline Trail) doing trail work, clearing the way, removing all the rocks!! Okay, maybe not ALL the rocks!

Speaking of the Zane Grey 50, the entrants list has suddenly become very interesting. Can I say "holy cow" interesting!? Some guesses on who is showing up: Obama, Gaddafi, Oprah, Charlie Sheen. Those are all good guesses but if you want to know, come on out Wednesday morning to find out!

Zane Grey 50 Trail Marking is this Sunday. Contact Honey if you can attend. Should be a great day on the trail.

Lastly if you aren't going to run or help out during the Zane Grey 50 mile on April 16th please join "Team Taylor" for Pat's Run in Tempe the same day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the honor!

Jonesman said...

Rookie of The Week.

Higg said...

Another big name just confirmed at ZG. Nice!

Blue Dog said...

Great Run this morning! The numbers from Blue Dog: 6+ miles over 1,000 Feet of Gain

Paulette Jo said...

okay, I'm a terrible person, not making it this morning...but who are these new names for Zane!!???!!??

Higg said...

Sorry, can't tell you because missed the run this morning......Well okay, the confirms Dakota Jones and Hal Koerner. Other big name Men and Women that have yet to confirm but likely

Anonymous said...

Geoff Roes is coming