Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WMRC 3/23

We are on for an moderately paced 1:05 trail run in the Phx Mtn Preserve. Wed 5:16 am, top lot of SQ PK DR.

Since my head has been buried in the iRun store buildout and the NCAA tournament I don't have a clue who did what this weekend to earn Runner of the Week.
Normally this honor would automatically go Bluedog for no other reason than how cool he is. But I am going to give it to the brave peeps that joined Honey on her 25-75 mile run thru the McDowells Sunday am. This may stretch the truth but we will hear the real story tomorrow.

Runner-up goes to Bluedog, honorable mention to The Arizona Wildcats who will continue their march thru the madness this Thurs when they take down #1 seed Puke Blue Devils.

GO CATS! See everyone tomorrow morning.


momo said...

i was there on sunday! although, when i got there and was introduced to jamil and the rest of the group - my first thought what the h-e-double hockeysticks have i gotten myself into and who is going to show me how to get home once i get dropped?? ;)

go cats!

Todd Oesterman said...

Thanks again WMRC for letting me join you this week on a beautiful run. It was the highlight of my short stay in Phoenix. If you're ever in Northern California, give us a shout.


P.S. Go 'Zona!