Monday, April 4, 2011

Run Reminder 4.6.11

Its time to start ramping it up. Get out and enjoy the great weather! Group trail run in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve 5:16 AM. Meet at the very top lot of Squaw Peak Drive. Plug in 7400 N. Squaw Peak Drive into google maps. You can't get lost. Plan on a little over 1 hour at a moderate pace. Runner of the Week: Saturday a contingent of WMRC's went to Raleigh, North Carolina and ran the Umstead 50/100 mile run. Runner of the Week goes to Debbie Leftwich who beat her PR by over 30 minutes in the 100 mile and finished with a time of 21:02:00. Almost under 21 hours!2nd Place: Joe Galope completed his 100th Marathon / Ultra with his 50 mile 6th overall Umstead finish. Well done Joe. The Traveling Courys also ran Umstead. Both Jamil and Nick ran the 100 mile race. Jamil ran a quick 18:06:00 with Nick finishing just behind in 19:32:00. New pole: When will Nick shave? Within a week, 6 months, 12months or never?

According to reports the Highline trail is now marked and ready for Zane Grey 50 race day. Honey reports the course is in great shape thanks to Chris Thornley spending thousands of hours clearing and sawing. Thanks to all the others who worked on clearing and marking too!


Jonesman said...

Chris Thornley used a Stihl chainsaw with a Magnum V8 engine, tungsten carbon alloy chain and 32 inch bar. He never bent over while whacking manznaita trees off at their base. He stepped up to any down tree across the trail and reduced it to managable pieces in a tornado of saw dust.

There were others that helped but Chris managed this trail maintenance and put in several days of labor himself. Five years down the road you will still be running Zane through a wide, clear path thanks to his foresight.

Wow!!!!!! What a man and now that Anthony Culpepper is on his walk about, Chris is my new idol.

momo said...

i got lost.

oh, wait, you meant getting there, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

That beard should not be shaved until the value of my home is equal to or greater than my mortgage . . . in other words, NEVER! Go Nick!

Paulette Jo said...

Just a long shot here, but does anyone have a good idea where we should camp before Zane? Think 2 families, kids, dogs, etc. I'm crazy, I know. I'd love to camp at Christopher Creek (kids would have a blast), but it's WAY too far from the start for my comfort.

Blue Dog said...

Blue Dog Report: Great dog and people weather today at WMRC. Headlamp only needed for a few minutes (Although my owner doesn't think I need one. He puts some blinking contraption on me every now and then to keep coyotes away. They just laugh at me.)

Anyway, around 16 individuals ran with me. No other dogs today. What is up with that? Do I have flees?

Good pace. Even Higg finished the route. Until next week! Ruff Ruff.