Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quick Zane Grey Update

Courtesy of Nick Coury: Geoff Roes won in a time of 8:13:30. Hal Koerner 2nd in 8:35. Dakota droped at 33 miles. Warm clear skies. Full WMRC report forthcoming.


Jeff B. said...

Is that a CR for this direction of travel? Way to go Boone? Was there any other AZ runners in the top 5? Wish I could have been there.

Jamil said...

CR was set in 2004 by Dave Mackey: 7:51:07.

Bret Sarnquist from Flagstaff was 3rd overall in around 10:02.

Although the trail was clear, it still looked like a tough day out there.

Brian Stark said...

Trail was in the best shape I've ever seen - vegetation wise. No Manzanita battles this year! Thanks to all for your hard work! Now I have to come up with other excuses for my slow time.