Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zane Grey 50 Taper Run 4.13.11

Big week ahead. Lets get it rolling with a group trail run in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve Wednesday Morning. Meet at the very top lot of Squaw Peak Drive (7400 N. Squaw Peak Drive) North of Glendale / Lincoln. Plan on a little over 1 hour at a slow / moderate pace. 5:16 AM. Last week I didn't use a headlamp!! Yippy!!

Saturday is one of Arizona's greatest Ultra Marathon runs. The 22nd annual Zane Grey 50 mile Endurance run. Known as one of the toughest, roughest, and most beautiful 50 mile races in the country. As always, there will be a strong WMRC contingent running and helping out. The race director Joe Galope will be at the run Wednesday morning and will be available to answer preliminary questions, trail conditions, etc.. The Course Marking coordinator Honey will be there too! Honey has guaranteed the best course marking ever!! Don't shoot the messenger if you get lost:)

An element which makes the race fun is to see which athletes show up. This year looks to be very competitive. Headlining the mens field is Ultra Runner of the year Geoff Roes. Giving Geoff a good run is fellow Montrail runner Dakota Jones, multi Western States winner Hal Koerner, New Phoenix resident Dave James, Flagstaff's own Ian Torrence and Brian Tinder, and WMRCr Andrew Heard and Boone Ebel. The women's field is super competitive as well. Amy Sproston from Oregon, Hardrocker Diana Finkel. Those two women will be pushed by Arizona runners Paulette Zillmer, Andi Felton, Jody Chase (now Colorado resident) and Honey. Good luck to all.

Another important event on Saturday is the Pat Tillman Run in Tempe. Monday is the one year anniversary of Baby Taylor's passing. Over 200 friends and family of Mark and Katie formed "Team Taylor" to run in the Pat Tillman event. We'll have the largest team out of 25,000 runners. Please keep the thoughts and prayers with the Cosmas Family. For those who ordered "Team Taylor" shirts, they will be available for pick-up at Mark's soon to open running store, i-run. Thursday and Friday from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM. The i-run store is located at the NWC of 48th and Indian School Road (Safeway center). Checks in the amount of $15.00 per shirt should be made to Team Taylor.

Have a great weekend and see you tomorrow!


Blue Dog said...

Blue Dog Report: What the heck, my owner left me at home this morning. I keep telling him to wake me up! BTW, I got a flee check up. I'm all good. So bring some friends before it gets to hot. I hear that 21 people ran this morning. No dogs. A little over 5 miles, not much climbing. Trying to keep everyone fresh for Zane. Higgy did a little sniper action taking a few photos. Good luck to everyone. Ruff Ruff.

el perro de diablo rojo said...

Blue Dog,
I missed you today. I guarded our truck and then when your pack leader was handing out shirts and socks I strolled around and made sure everything was marked, including two of Joe Galope's tires. Honey gave me a hug and whispered "I love you" in my ear. Looks like Kirk didn't fall. Something happened to Stevio Wardo, he went out with the pack but came back early with his tail between his legs. Paulette was there but totally ignored me, her tires are going down next week. Ok, mailman's coming gotta go.

Honey said...

I missed you Blue Dog!!!