Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Headlamps no longer needed celebration run - April 20

Come join us on a run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve without a headlamp Wednesday morning at 5:16 a.m. It’ll be a casual run as many of the gang ran the 22nd Annual Zane Grey Highline Trail 50 mile run this past weekend. It is one of the hardest 50-milers in the country. Some of the notable WMRC finishers include: Boone Ebel, 10:09:27, 6th overall
Andrew Heard, 10:59:28, 11th overall
“Grandpa” Jim Fowler, 12:10:51
Paulette Zillmer, 12:40:22, 5th woman
John Pearce, 13:07:55
Jeremy “I’m never doing this again” Daugherty, 13:23:17
Liz Everly, 13:31:50
Jody Chase, 13:54:42
Jeff Jones, 14:32:45
It was a rather hot day and there was a lot of carnage out on the course. But then again, it wouldn’t be “Zane Grey” if it were easy. Also running this week, was Team Taylor out at Pat’s Run. They made up the largest team with over 100 Runners participating.
Runner of the week goes to Grandpa Jim Fowler. At 52 years old, he’s not slowing down at all with his impressive Zane Grey finish.

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