Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Taylor Cosmas WMRC 4.18.12

Tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of the passing of Taylor Cosmas. Little Taylor passed away from SIDS on April 18, 2010. We'll never forget Taylor's beautiful smile. The WMRC run starts at 5:16 AM. Come on out. It will be a slow pace, happy run.

Taylor's parents, Mark and Katie formed Team Taylor last year to raise funds for SIDS research. Hopefully one day there will be a cure to prevent SIDS from happening to other families.

Just like last year Team Taylor will have the largest team this weekend in Pat's Run in Tempe. Its not to late to get involved!!! Check out the Team Taylor website HERE. Please consider a donation, buying Team Taylor shirts and / or joining the after run party at O.H.S.O. Tickets are only $20. Click on the Donation Tab on the Team Taylor Website for more info.

Also, good luck to everyone running in the Zane Grey 50 mile trail run Saturday. Just like the Team Taylor the WMRC runners at Zane will have Little Taylor in our thoughts. We miss you Taylor.


Taylor's Daddy said...

Thanks Higgie! We miss that little sweet girl!

Chris Harrison said...

Hey Mark-
I will be thinking of you, Katie and Taylor tomorrow. Little Taylor will be in our thoughts for ever. I still have the blue wrist bracelet in my car and look at it everyday. She is shining down on us.
Your buddy,