Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Happy Birthday to Jeff Jones, I think he is 63 years old but that has not been confirmed. We are on for a birthday jog tomorrow morning. Dogs and old people welcome!

Runner of the week goes to Paulette Zillmer. Lala as she is known other places won the brutally hot Zane Grey 51 mile trail race over the past weekend. She got the 8th fastest time by a woman ever on arguably the toughest conditions the Highline Trail has ever served up. Way to go PJ!

Other WMRCr's out there were Chris Harrison paced by Westy, Jay Danek, Marius Toma, Joh Roig, John Vaupel, Shawn Pfunder, Lisa Osinga, oh and Honey got her 10th finish of the ZG monster! Way to go Honey!

Here to all the finishers and crew that helped them survive the day! Raise a glass to all of you and to JJ on his birthday!

See everyone tomorrow morning at 5:16am for a birthday jog!


Blue Dog said...

Hey Paulette, that is really smart to tie a banana around your neck when you run. I did that once with a polish sausage and then, no, wait wrong story, never mind, gotta go!

Jay said...

JJ and I share a Birthday?

Higg said...

Happy Birthday to everyone on this date. Congrats Paulette on a great run! Wow!