Monday, January 5, 2009

First Wednesday Morning Run 2009

Baby New Year hasn't said much yet but has drooled in a reminder for everyone to go on a group trail run this Wednesday Morning. Meet at the top lot, Squaw Peak Drive, 5:15 AM for a little over on hour at a slow to moderate pace. The turnout has been great this winter lets keep it going. How many Wednesday morning appearances in a row can you do?
Congratulations to all that participated and helped out at Across the Years, Running from an Angle 50 mile and Castle Hot Springs 22 mile trail.
Achieving his first Runner of the Week award is Nathan Coury for completing 100 miles within 24 hours at Across the Years. Nathan is only 18 years old so his older brothers Jamil and Nick better watch out!! BTW, the Coury brothers Dad ran 53 miles! Nice job Dad! Besides the Coury Family other notables: Robert Andrulis who completed 143 miles in a 72 hour period and Paul Bonnett who socialized 38 miles and ran the show.
Coming in at an extremely close second is Joe Galope and Chris Harrison for their performance at Running from an Angle 50 mile race outside of Las Vegas. Joe ran 8:00 good for 9th place and Chris Harrison ran a PR of 8:38. Great job boys.
Rounding out the weekend running activities was the Castle Hot Springs 22 mile trail run. Adam Hunt finished 4th at 3:01. Adam was closely followed by Honey, Kirk, Ron, Debbie, Jeff McCoy, Kate McCarville and Joanne.
Lastly, what is the saying? A picture is worth a thousand words. Well here is a few thousand of them. Go Red Birds!!!!

Ever wonder what Mark looks like durning the game?:

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