Monday, January 26, 2009

Mt. Ord Run February 7th 8:00 AM

Laura Nagy has organized a Mt. Ord Run Saturday February 7th at 8:00 AM. Do any distance you're up to. 50K, 26 miles or less! Laura will have a table with water, gatorade and food up the mountain at the Y (4.5, 10 and 26 mile mark). She will also have a water drop at mile 15.

Directions: Take SR-87 North toward Payson. Just outside of Sunflower the road climbs significantly. At the top there is a safety pullout and a Mt Ord sign. Drive pass the Mt. Ord sign and head down into the valley. At the bottom of the valley is a turn out onto a dirt road with a parking lot. (does anyone know the Mile Marker???)

Here is the link that Laura did showing the course:

Any Questions?


Anonymous said...

Laura's map shows 50 K distance but you have to Cross the Highway to get that. If you start at the bottom of the bad road run to the top, down the good road to the cattle pen about a half mile before the highway. Back up to the top again it is close to a marathon.


Joe G. said...

Directions from Phoenix take Hwy 87 toward Payson. You will start to climb toward Mt. Ord. (around mile post 222) At the crest of the mountain, pass the Mt Ord sign and head down into a valley. At the bottom of the valley is a turn out onto a dirt road. Park there. There is a sign giving you the mileage to Payson and 2 other towns at the turn-off. Plenty of parking.

LindaVan said...

The Mile Marker is about 228.7. The next one is 229, the "Arizona Trailrunners" Adopt-a-Highway marker ("my" section). If you pass it, you've gone too far...and there is a cross-over on the median just 1/4 mile up from 229--be in the left lane and look sharp! Or, you can go up the road another half mile to the Cane Springs area, and drive back under the highway to the southbound side. Too much information?
Have fun out there!

Laura N. said...

First exit- mile marker 223ish

I've been looking at the weather and it looks like rain might start
Friday night into Saturday. I want to be conservative and start the run at the bottom of the first exit to Mt. Ord instead of the second exit.
This should be about mile marker 223 or so. It is right across from the Matazals Exit.

Don Meyer and I have experienced running in the rain at Mt. Ord and the creek at the bottom of the second exit can get flowing pretty good after a night of rain. So to play it safe we will just start at the first exit. The run must go on! :-)

This means that there will not be any aid at the bottom of the rocky
downhill. From the Y it is 4.5 miles, so that's 9 miles without aid.
Since it will be cloudy and rainy I don't think that should be an issue.
Just know that you might want to carry an extra bottle depending on how much you drink.

Please let anyone who is going know the change in the start location.