Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WMRC Run Reminder for 1/21/09

The new year is in full swing, the days are getting longer, weather is great and racing season is upon us. Perfect ingredients for a group trail run. Tomorrow morning 5:15 AM. Meet at the top lot of Squaw Peak Drive. Plan on a little over one hour. Headlamps are still needed but soon we can dump them!!!
Runner of the week goes to Perry Edinger for running HURT 100 in Hawaii. Perry finished 16th in 31:26:00. Hurt is known as a very difficult hilly, rutted, rooted, muddy race. Nice job in this picture navigating through the tree roots!

Runners up to those that ran and supported the rock and roll marathon on Sunday. A special shout out to the WMRC pacers who dialed it in! Paul Bonnet led the 3:20 group to finish at 3:19:23 and the team of Honey, Joe and Chip led the 3:45 group to a time of 3:42!!

Also, rumor has it that the Husband and Wife team of Frank and Theresea Cibulka both ran the marathon in 3:54 then promptly went over to the Cardinals NFC Championship game. That is what I call extra credit!!! Time for both of you to keep the fitness and hit the trails!!

Remember Jody's Cave Creek Trail Marathon Fun Run this Sunday the 25th. Check out one of the posts below for more info.


Nick Coury said...

Nathan also ran the full marathon as a nice recovery from his 100 at ATY in 3:55.

Jon Roig said...

I also did PF Chang's... qualified for Boston with a 3:06:23. Ouch!

Higg said...

Great Run Jon!! You are now offically a speed guy:) Are we going to see you at Pemberton? Nick you better watch out, Nathan is putting together some big mileage. Keep it going Nathon. I see Hardrock 100 in your future.

Anyone else?

I love to hear about the group member runs. I need the motivation!

azspeedgoat said...

I drank 26.2 beers at the game on Sunday, does that count?

Higg said...

AZ speedgoat, You need to go for a PR during the superbowl!! BTW, a little bird just told me Latvaaho ran a 1:19:01 half then made it the the NFC championship game. He gets extra credit too!

Jon Roig said...

... I think we can all agree that it does count, Goat.

Thanks Higg! Just a perfect morning for a race... gotta love AZ.

Hmmm... have to think about Pemberton. I'm doing Ragnar and Old Pueblo as well, so I'll have to play it by ear.

Jeffery B. said...

I've still got to get out and join you guys, but it seems like there is always a race right around the corner that is cutting into my Wednesday plans. I hit a Boston Qualifier as well, but not as quick as Jon....got me a 3:13:45, which snuck me in for the 35039 age group. Anyone want to go out to the Orange Curtain 100K on Feb 21st?