Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 WMRC Shirt Order

By popular demand, we are about to order new WMRC running shirts. This WMRC shirt order will be through RaceReady (the same company as last time). RaceReady arguably makes some of the finest running / athletic shirts available. Very breathable, lightweight fabric. 100% made in USA. 100% USA Fabrics. Check out the website here: We have even more options than our last order!

You can pick from 6 different styles:
1. Unisex Cool T's
2. Women's V-Neck
3. Men's Sleeveless Trail Shirts
4. Men's Singlet
5. Women's Singlet
6. ReadyTech Alta Long Sleeves

Specific colors for each style below.

Some sizes not available in all styles, see below.

Last order, all shirts include a gray/silver WMRC logo. This time around, you have a choice between the gray/silver, all black, or all red logo. The all black may show up better on certain color shirts such as yellow, light green, gray, and white.

(Approximate based upon a total order of 60 shirts)
$16 - Cool-T, V-Neck, Trail Shirt, Singlets
$18 - Long Sleeves
Amazing prices!! Pay after the shirts arrive.

Email order to Jamil Coury at including:
Order as many shirts as you would like!

Please have your order in by Monday, February 9th.

Unisex Cool-T

Royal, Lemon, Purple, Lime, Black, White, Red
XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (Unisex sizing)

Women's V-Neck

Black, White, Purple, Lemon, Royal, Red
XS, S, M, L, XL (Women's)

Men's Trail Shirt

Royal, White, Lemon
S, M, L, XL (Men's)

Men's Singlet

Red, Lemon, Orange, White, Lime, Black, Royal
S, M, L, XL, XXL (Men's)

Women's Singlet

Lime, Black, White, Royal, Red, Orange, Lemon
S, M, L, XL (Women's)

ReadyTech Alta Long Sleeve

Royal, Red, Silver, White, Orange, Twilight Blue Other colors (not shown): Black, Raspberry
XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (Unisex sizing)

Close up of fabric:


Jonesman said...

Thanks for doing this it's my third opportunity to purchase a much coveted WMRC shirt and first opportunity for the long sleeve. At races I wear with pride one of these advertisements of my affiliation with so many fine athletes that too are some of the finest personalities I have ever been associated with.

Thanks Jamil for your part in this and again thanks to you Kevin for the fine job you are doing with this blog.

azspeedgoat said...

Kevin is the best, although I am kicking his butt i our race for the # of days in Jan. Maybe he will catch up in Feb. See you guys Sunday.

Jonesman said...

maybe you Mr. Speed Goat King should give him some time off with all the blogging and shirt purchasing the poor boy is being run ragged. I heard from a credible source that he slept through his alarm on Wednesday morning.

Higg said...

I've been a lazy ass. All the credit goes to Jamil for oganizing and posting the shirt order info. Actually I can't think of any reason to pat me on the back. Just give me a swift kick!!