Monday, January 26, 2009

Cave Creek Trail Marathon Report 1/25/09

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to everyone that came out to run. I also want to thank my family that helped out during the run. It was a beautiful day and the course was in excellent condition.
This years’ weather was warmer than normal at the start, which provided a pleasant beginning to the run. The clouds came and went through out the day, I was good on my promise and no rain appeared to dampen the spirts of the runners.
I changed the course this year and added on an extra 1.2 mile out and back at the start so we could have an “official” marathon distance. The extra 1.2 mile was well received by the runners as the runners expressed they enjoyed the new trail versus the jeep road.
Donna Rice and I ran out to see the runners on the out and back section and all looked well. We ran down the trail and I noticed that some of the ribbons had been pulled that I had put up the day before. I thought that could be a possibility on this section since it was still in the spur cross preserve. As we progressed toward the trailhead across the creek, I took note that my ribbons had been pulled on the trail going to the aid station. This was a problem because you can go either left or right and it can be confusing. Sure enough, as Donna and I were returning down the trail we saw some runners coming up that had taken the left fork instead of the right. I was told later that all of ribbons on the trail to the aid station had been pulled. That’s a 12 mile stretch! Someone was busy making sure my friends were challenged above and beyond what was necessary. I’m really sorry that happened.
I was told the most difficult trail from aid station to finish was still marked. Thank goodness.
As the runners were coming in, Zachary fired up the grill and cooked hot dogs and veggie burgers. Everyone seemed to be happy with their run. I was pleased everyone enjoyed themselves and made it back safely. With the exception of the jerky horse riders and the person who pulled 12 miles of ribbon, I believe the event was a success. This is the 6th year and I will plan on many more to come. Who knows, maybe some year it will turn into a 50K.
Regarding the money that was donated. First of all, it was very generous of you to donate in the first place and thank you. Secondly, I have donated the money this year to an organization called foothills animal rescue here in Cave Creek. Last year they lost their facility for housing the homeless animals and now have foster homes around the area. Some foster homes are housing up to 20 dogs at a time. The woman I talked to on the phone has 8 cats and 2 dogs in her home now. Their goal is to raise $10,000 at a fund raiser next week with the ultimate goal of $200,000 to acquire a new home for the animals. I told her I would like to give the donations I collected yesterday to start off the fundraiser. She was very pleased to accept our monetary gift.
Thank you so much for coming out and I’ll see you at the same place next year.
Jody Chase
  1. Andrew Heard 4:31
  2. Paul Bonnett 4:31
  3. Michael Labrecque 4:31
  4. Artemus Bourque 4:46
  5. Dave Cauthon (25 miles) 4:52
  6. Liz Everly 5:10
  7. Kirk McCarville 5:12
  8. Jules Drelick 5:12
  9. Honey Albrecht 5:13
  10. Mark Cosmas 5:17
  11. Steve Ward 5:43
  12. Aaron Mascarella 5:55
  13. Paulette Zillmer 5:56
  14. Candice de Saint-Antoine 5:56
  15. Josh Motter 5:57
  16. Brian Wieneke 6:10
  17. Laura Nagy 6:12
  18. Ron Harding 6:12
  19. Dan Brenden 6:12
  20. Kevin Higgins 6:18
  21. Debbie Leftwich 6:25
  22. Jeff McCoy 6:25
  23. Dave Binder (late start) 6:34
  24. Donoran Sailsa 6:39
  25. Joanne Hughes 7:05
  26. Bob DeHaan 7:05
  27. Kent Krestan 7:25
  28. Mary Jordan 7:29
  29. Roy Reisluger 7:32
  30. Robert Andrulis 7:43
  31. Joe Galope 7:46
  32. Carol Cuseck 7:46
  33. Linda Van Tilborg 7:47
  34. Karen Berregan 7:47

Honorable Mention: Nick Coury, Jamil Coury, Jim Hershbergen, Rick Greene


Higg said...

Jody, thanks for a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Jody Girl - Thanks so much for keeping this tradition going. The positive vibes and stellar conditions exceeded my expectations. You get a huge gold star.

JeffM said...

Great trail, great weather and a great group...Thanks Jody!

Anonymous said...

Great folks, great run, great weather, thanks . . .

Laura said...

wish i'd found out about this one before today, would have loved to join in! I'll keep it in mind for next year.