Friday, January 2, 2009

Family Update / Report

Hi WMRC friends and Happy New Year!

I tell you what, when there is somebody in need, WMRC comes through. Thanks to you, we raised $600.00 in cash, a $100.00 gift cert. to Safeway, gift certificates to Frys, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Macaroni Grill, also a 40 lb bag of dog food!
Shea and I were not sure how we were going to give this to the family. Kind of awkward. We put together a spaghetti dinner with some board games in a box. We enclosed a card letting them know they are not alone, and this is from people who care. Put the money and gift cards in the box too and wrapped it up.
Shea and I went to their house early Christmas Eve. We put the dog food by their side gate, then rang the door bell. Debbie answered, we gave her a hug, wished her happy new year, gave her the present, told her there was something by her side gate, (she said, "I hope it's not another dog." ) then we quickly left her with a bewildered look on her face.
About 20 min. after I got home, Jeff called me. He said he did not know quite what to say. Where did this come from, who can I thank? I told him about the wonderful people from wmrc, and no thanks is necessary. His story hit home with all of us, you just never know...and they wanted to help in some small way. They were so overwhelmed, so amazing there are such nice people out there...that don't even know them! I told him, our group has the BEST people! We talked for quite some time. He has done all the tests and paperwork for a transplant. The doctors tell him he is a good candidate, at least for now. They are on COBRA ins., which last for 18 months, which has approved to cover the transplant. Jeff said he has good days and bad, mostly good. He is on a strict diet, especially low sodium, when he follows it he feels better. He sounded pretty good.
Oh, real quick...he has always liked to hear about mine and Shea's running. Said he saw on the cover of some small paper, a guy who just finished his first marathon after having a liver transplant 18 months before. I told him, when he is recovered from his transplant, he is going into training. We will get HIM on the cover of a paper finishing his first marathon...and I would be his personal trainer. Said he would love that!!! A good goal to set.
Thank you again my good friends!


Higg said...

Great Job Honey. Thanks for Orchestrating.

kirk said...

Thanks for the update Honey. That was something very special you and Shea did for Jeff and his family.

PS. Let us know when Jeff is ready to train with us. There are some slackers in this group that need some inspiration(myself included).