Monday, November 3, 2008

WMRC Next Run Reminder for 11/5/08

Another week, another Wednesday morning group run. 5:15 AM top lot squaw peak drive. 5-minute rule applies. Plan on a run of 1 hour and 5 minutes, slow to moderate pace. (If Higg has pacing duties). Last week's run was awesome. It was so great the leader lost track of time and went a little long. Sorry if anyone got into trouble getting to work late. A doctor's note is available upon request. If you are a doctor then a jury summons can be worked out.

Nice little adventure for Honey, Chip, Dave, Jody and Joe this weekend. They went to the Grand Canyon an did a rim 2 rim 2 rim (double crossing). Approximately 46 miles. Runner of the week goes to Dave C. who completed this run for the first time. It was also his longest run to date.

Check out Joe's photos of the run here:

ROW runner-up goes to Blue Cosmas who still won't let Mark take off the "Super Dog" outfit 3 days after Halloween. Don't be surprised to see Blue out there Wednesday in his new threads. Do be surprised if Mark is still wearing that goofy referee costume!

Lastly, Jeff Jones has been busy uploading some of his running videos from trips and races. If you haven't seen it check out the one he did a few months ago after his first 100 mile foot race, Big Horn 100. One of my favorites. The scenery and music are great. The reflection period during the night very touching. Check it out below:


Higg said...

BTW, a switch to Daylight Saving Time is not an excuse to miss the run. Nice try if you are thinking about it:)

honey said...

Nice run today, thanks for being gentle Kirk. For you canyoneers who did not show up...well we know who the REAL trail runners are. ;-)Right Chip?