Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2009 Ultrarunning Calendar

The Ultrarunning Calendar with pictures by Glenn Tachiyama is now for sale! The lovely calendar is just what you need: all the trail / ultraruns are already listed, so just circle your goal race and check the picture for motivation. Sells for $18.00. All proceeds go to The Washington Trails Association, which manages the land for many ultras in the NW. Here's a preview of the 2009 calendar:

Glenn is sending me a box of calendars in the first week of December, so you can simply tell me -Jamie Mieras- that you want one at a run or by e-mail

Payment by check / cash happens when I hand it to you at a WMRC run in December (first / second week). I can also accommodate another time to pick up the calendar if required.

Thanks! Jamie

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eric johnson said...

I did a Triple Double of the Grand Canyon in mid Oct. 2005 in 51 hrs. Ever heard of anyone doing that, or even more insane a Quad Double? Thinking about that project in a couple weeks. Curious.

Eric Johnson; Ogden, Utah