Thursday, November 20, 2008

South Mountain 50K Saturday 12/6/08

Looking for the `usual suspects' as well as (hopefully) some new faces...with the caveat that this is not an 'easy' trail run.

–PARKING—I strongly suggest meeting at Buena Vista and carpooling back to Telegraph; particularly since we had one parking ticket last year. I must let everyone know that parking off pavement will not be tolerated by the park rangers…we don't want to be on anybody's radar. Alternatively, for anybody in the East Valley, parking is available atDesert Foothills Blvd with a short hike (1 - 1.5 miles0 up to TelegraphPass.

From Joe's email last year: Parking is VERY limited. Enter the park by driving south on Central avenue into the main entrance. Take the main road from the entrance, past the ranger station, up the hill, till you get to a hard 'U' in the road. Here, the Kiwanis Trail, the Telegraph Trail intersect with the National Trail. You should see signs. Make sure you don't park were it's designated not to. See: http://phoenix. gov/PARKS/ hiksogud. html

Meeting time starting at 6:45 am at Telegraph Pass…civil twilight begins at 6:52, sunrise is 7:19, though I think we'll have enough light to start by 7:00 am (the start is a climb up the ridge…)

Same format as last year: Start at Telegraph Pass West on National Trail to San Juan; will be crossing the road on the way out and the way back, will have cached water (can turn around here on the way out if you are having a bad day) Back to Telegraph PassEast on National Trail to Pima Canyon, passing Buena Vista on the way out and the way back; can turn around at BV or some intermediate point if not having a good day.

That is the good and the bad of out and back courses: cutting short.

There will be no course marking, however the trail is marked with brown posts every so often; they are numbered and also have the National Trail logo on them. The only issue is at the East end of National trail to Pima Canyon (about 1.2 miles or so each way) where you will follow the dirt road. If anybody has any questions, email me.

For aid, I am hoping to have someone at the San Juan road crossing (or at least drop the water and pick it up after everyone is through) as well as somebody at Buena Vista (will probably have more `customers' on the return trip) and Pima Canyon. The Pima Canyon stop can be supplies in the back of a pickup truck like Laura did last year (she is running this year) Please email me if you (or friend/family member) is interested.

This is a self-supported run with any donated goodies to be used `pot luck' – style, for everyone's benefit. I will supply the water for San Juan and Buena Vista. If anybody has particular requests, let the group know and I'm sure we can make sure everbody is taken care of.

Robert A.


PJ said...

I just found your site. Is there anything I need to do to join you guys? I just did the Javelina Jundred. I don't know how many Wednesday morning runs I can make it to, but this 50K looks promising!

ultraMongo said...


Good job at Javelina! Hopefully you are recovering well. If you can do that, then you can do this - just show up and run with us! No Opportunity Necessary, No experience Required...

I hope to see you there (and maybe your hydration pack won't be wet this time ;^)

higg said...

PJ, glad you found our site and thanks for the note . We hope you can come out sometime. We meet every Wednesday, rain or shine, warm or cold, dark or light. You will need a head lamp for most of the run this time of the year. The Wednesday morning runs are for all abilities and the intent is to have a slow to moderate mid week recovery run.

Robert A good job with South Mountain 50K.