Monday, November 24, 2008

2008 Runner of the Year Awards / Categories

Keep in mind the Runner of the Year awards are rapidly approaching, here are some categories that will be available to vote on. We will probably have an online poll on the blog to vote thru for at least one of the categories. Here are some categories to think of. You may submit candidates to me, Higgie or through the blog comment section. This year we celebrate award re-distribution. You vote, and then we decide who gets on the ballot. Then after all the voting, we will gather up all the awards and hand them out evenly to those who didn’t get any votes, and to those who didn’t even race or train this year. We need to be fair and share among those less fortunate. Here are some categories.

Runner of the Year- Best overall performance, attendance on Wed, volunteering, pacing, guarding Blue’s back from the coyotes.

Race of the year- Best single performance in any race this year.

Best injury- Did anyone get hit by a car this year?

Newcomer of the year-IE.-Blue Dog-Michael Chen

Most improved runner- Runner who increased their fitness the most

The Ward Award (least improved runner)- Runner who went backWARDs in fitness, not forWARDs

Most memorable moment- Route, race trip, training run, race, when I showed up with Blue, etc.

Best excuse to not show up-(does not have to be true, be creative and throw your friends under the bus)

Albrecht Spirit Award-Always smiling, perfect attendance, never grumpy, ready to run any time.

Best Race Report - The written word or video essay.



Kirk said...

I suggest a best pacer category. Or perhaps the pacer from hell category. Or the pacer that needs pacing category.

Higg said...

That's funny. I fit all of those pacer categories:>)

Steve said...

There is something to be said about not only having an award named after you but in validating reverse fitness year after year after year. Just give me the award and get it over with . . . oh yeah this year it is redistributed . . .

Zane Grey Highline Trail 50 Mile said...

I think this is everyone that did a hundred miler this year. Pipe up if I missed you:

Debbie Leftwich Javalina 24:55:42 (7th)
Honey Albrecht Bighorn Trail 27:28:15 (5th)
Jody Chase Bear 29:11:00 (3rd)
Nick Coury Hardrock 31:07:10 (5th)
Mark Cosmas Hardrock 41:10:40
Joanne Hughes Javalina 28:52:02
Andrew Heard Javalina 17:38:36 (2nd)
Andrew Heard San Diego 19:43:00 (2nd)
Michael Yen Lin Chen Javalina 28:17:45
Gary Culver Javalina 27:58:11
Perry Edinger Arkansas 19:07:35 (2nd)
Perry Edinger Leadville 29:18:33
Perry Edinger Wasatch 29:37:48
Perry Edinger Vermont 18:34:16 (9th)
Ian "Chip" Gosewisch San Diego 25:10:00
Robert Andrulis Hardrock 46:13:32
Robert Andrulis San Diego 30:37:00
Robert Andrulis Cactus Rose 35:10:04
Jeff Jones Big Horn 29:19:35

Higg said...

Lucky 13. Pretty good number of runners for a 100 this year. Did Harrison run a 100? I wonder how many from the group ran a 50?