Monday, November 17, 2008

WMRC Run Reminder for 11/19/08

Hello all. We are on for an hour+ trail run at an easy to moderate pace. Game time- 5:16am on Wed at the top lot of SQ PK DR.

What a great weekend by the WMRC – Javalina Jundred went off in Fountain Hills. Jamil Coury, race director put on a great show. He organized great weather and a huge entrants list. Way to give back Jamil, Great job!
ROW award could go to so many people but it is tough not to give it to Michael Chen- He completed his first 100 mile trail run at Javalina (28hrs) this weekend smiling the whole way. He has inspired me to start running again. That is the only race I am afraid of and he flew thru it with blisters the size of my dog on both feet. I am sure he is sore today but still smiling. Welcome to the club Michael!! You should be very proud! Bear Down!!!

Runner up goes to Andrew Heard who finished in 17 hrs and 2nd place overall. Why does 2nd pl. get runner-up? He always gets 2nd, when he wins, he’ll get runner of the week. He didn’t train very hard but his own admission and agreed that rest is more important than training. So I am doing this right, I will start training for WS 100 in May. Just in time to taper. Great job Andrew, Lucky, my ass!
Very honorable mention- Debbie Leftwich- she completed her 194th 100 mile race this year. But seriously, she cruises thru Javalina like it is easy. Her last lap was probably as fast as her first. She just knows how to run that course. Great job Debbie!

Other WMRC Javelina 100 Runner notables: Nick Coury, Joanne Hughes & Gary Culver. Nice work!

Other notable WMRC pacers and aid workers: Higg, Honey, Jeff Jones, Jeff McCoy, Jody, Robert Andrulis, Nathan Coury and John Roig. Also, Jamie Mieras working her magic foot repair at race headquarters.
Lots of stories, reports and photos to come. In the meantime Check out JJ's video:
See you Wednesday. Cosmas.

Javalina Jundred from Jeff Jones on Vimeo.

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