Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WMRC Run Reminder for 10/29/08

Reminder: we are on for a group trail run tomorrow morning 5:15 AM. Meet at the very top parking lot on Squaw Peak Drive. Plan on a little over an hour run at a slow to moderate pace. I can almost guarantee it. McCarville had a big weekend.

The runner of the week goes to Kirk McCarville for helping out with the Squaw Peak Scramble check point on Saturday then runs the Soma Triathlon on Sunday with a 126th overall finish, 3rd in his age group. 5:07:33 total time.

Runners up include Randy Ohlinger who also showed up at the Scramble to cheer everyone on and finished right behind McCarville at Soma. We can’t forget Nick’s impressive “hard rock like” Poker Run championship or Adam’s smashing the “unbeatable” record Poker Run Time.

Hope everyone had fun Saturday. For those who missed it there is always next year or the next Wednesday Run!!!

Very nice to see that Catra found the blog and loved Honey’s “Catra”.


Jonesman said...

Brutal!!!!!!!!! I've been off for 6 weeks due to injury and on my first real day back to WMRC, with the promise of "slow to moderate pace" I faced the longest most demanding Wednesday morning run in my two year career. Don't put Kirkie Kirk in the lead even after a tri finish The Man shows no mercy :)

Higg said...

That was one for the record books. Not much talk after. You have to admit it was a slow pace though. In hindsight it should have been noted on the saddle of 8A if anyone was pressed for time or wanted to go shorter take the direct route to the parking lot. You didn’t go that way and you are a better man for it!!! I went the shorter way and I was still out there for an 1:20. What a great morning!!!

Jonesman said...

As late as last night I was going to cast Kirk the lead actor in my next movie but after what he put me through this morning he'll be edited out of all my movies :)

Joe said...

Send complaints to:


I liked it. I wish I carried water, and I wish I didn't wear long sleeves, but I liked it.

higg said...

Beware of the group motto, the more you complain the harder it will get. Admit it Jonesman, you loved it!!!

Higg said...

BTW, jonesman did you change your I couldn't care less vote on he game poll?

Jonesman said...

C'mon Biggis Higgis I never said I didn't like the run, actually I was pretty pleased that I pulled this off after being sidelined for so long. But I heard lots of weird engine noises and my wheel bearings were red hot :)

If I voted at all on your poll then that would indicate that I care!

Jamie said...

I really liked it but I hated being late for work! |-: Not allowed for me!