Monday, October 20, 2008

Squaw Peak Scramble This Saturday!!!

Squaw Peak Scramble update....IT IS ON!!!! Dreamy Draw Lot- This Sat, Oct 25th at 7am. Race to Start at promptly 7:28 am.

Prizes so far- 2 pairs Suns Tix, 2 pair Coyotes tix, No Cards tix, No PAC-10 leading Wildcat tix…. Nathan hydration waist packs, Runners Den Gift Cert. REI Gift Cert. more to come....Special prize goes to MVP---Takes everything into account,..... Run time, best costume, overall attitude, poker hand....and other stuff....

Here are the rules. Only one rule, STAY ON THE TRAILS! NO CROSS COUNTRY! You can take any route, any trail and any order to get to the 3 check points and then back to the start. You will be given a playing card at each of the 3 checkpoints as well as one at the start and finish. 5 total. The runner with the best poker hand at the finish is the grand prize winner. Other categories, fastest run time, slowest run time, best costume, attitude, most blood. Etc….The McCain award goes to whoever finishes with a smile but can’t remember which route he took to get there. The Obama award goes to the fastest rookie of the race, the runner that gets the best time with little or no Sq Pk trail experience.
The distance is anywhere from 8-10 miles depending on your route. Brad went 11.5 in 2006. Don’t follow him, Average 8.67.

Dreamy Draw- Katie Cosmas and Blue-(it wouldn’t be fair if Blue won so he is getting his WS 100 volunteer hours)
40th st lot- Jamil Coury
Tatum Parking lot- Mrs. McCarville (Kate)
Sq Pk Lot- WMRC lot- Blaine Black

Each checkpoint will have an aid station set up. Check in with them and get your playing card and then run off to the next checkpoint. There is no water at Tatum lot. Get water at Sq Pk. and 40th st.

We will have a guest referee out there, and since I will not be eligible for any prizes, I will be wearing a referee shirt as well and have a whistle to blow if I see any shenanigans...I can be bribed, but the secret guest referee isn't as easily swayed and will put you in time out if she (oops there's a hint) catches you. By the way, "time out" is two minutes in the bathroom at the 40th st lot, if you have ever passed by there and smelled it, YOU DON"T WANT THAT!!!!! Trust me....

Course Records
Poker Hand- Kirk McCarville- Straight flush to the King- 2006 – Prediction- Never will be beaten.
Men - Higgie - 1:29.19 - Prediction- Dave C will shatter the course record.
Women - Honey 1:29.26 – Prediction- Honey will break her own record
Best costume- Brad Parker- 2006 - Forest Gump

This will be fun, so I hope everyone comes and joins us. Wear a costume and celebrate Halloween. Boo!



Jonesman said...

Is there an award for most elevation gain???????

AZ Speedgoat said...

Yes JJ, you can have more Suns tickets, i know how you love them hoops games.

Higg said...

I hope I don’t have any competition for slowest time.

Joe said...

I declare shenanigans