Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best SPS "Tap Out" so far

So far Jon Roig has the best Squaw Peak Scramble Tap Out. Jon may give Kirk a run for best injury of the year. Don't even think about not showing unless you can beat this:

Sounds like it'll be fun, but I've got two convenient excuses:1) I'll be in Las Vegas for my friend's bachelor party. Should be pretty zany.2) The weekend before Man Against Horse, I was doing one last run on Camelback and totally wiped out running down the Cholla trail. It was pretty ugly, but it could've been way worse. I totally dislocated my shoulder, though, earning me a visit to the ER. (For the record, no helicopter rescue was required... I met the paramedics down at the bottom, so at least I left with honor.) I'm still running, albeit not as much as normal and I'm rocking a sling... which is pretty ridiculous looking, but it is what it is.'Course, that totally screws up my fall race schedule as I try 'n' figure out what I have to do to rehab this thing... but I'll be back in action soon enough.Thanks for the invite, though!

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