Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WMRC 3/7/12

Heyo! We are on for a group run in the preserve tomorrow morning at 5:16am. Lots of great races this past weekend.

Congrats to Scott Schmidt-The Madd Crapper of Mt Ord, for finishing his first 50 miler at OP this past weekend. He came in at 11:18 for 51 miles. Not too bad for his first, Felt great and will be there tomorrow.

I am not sure if it was Alison's first 50 but she killed it in 10:07! Holy Crap that is great!

Also at OP were Joe Galope, Jon Roig, Andrew Heard, Artemus Bourque and crewing for these fine folks was Klown and Meg Powers!

Jay Danek did great at Neuces 50 miler in Texas this weekend also, placing 20th overall in 9:something...Great Job Jay, keep it up!

Se everyone tomorrow bright and early!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new nickname. I will wear it proudly. SS

Joe said...

Allison also ran her first 50-miler and kicked all our butts.

Jay Danek said...

Congrats to Allison and Scott. Two damn impressive first 50 milers. I can't wait to find a course that doesn't measure 57 miles in the 50 mile distance. One of these days ai will look up and see those damn ribbons or maybe I will never leave the McDowell's again.

Jonesman said...
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Jonesman said...

Great pace yesterday led by McDowell Mountain Man Dot Com. What WMRC is all about, no drop run, EVERYBODY can run and chat and recover from the previous weekend and not overdo it for the upcoming weekend. Jay reminds me of that guy, Geoff Roes in the movie about WS100, where he goes out once a week and runs with the old, slow mortals. This says a lot about a guy that could have dropped us all.

Higg said...

Sounds like my kind of pacer!