Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Run Reminder 3.20.12

Last week no reminder. This week reminder. It was noted by one of our founders a few days ago that last week may have been the first time a weekly reminder wasn't posted on this Blog.

5:16 AM. see ya!


Anonymous said...

Any pubic google map routes available so i can judge when I'm ready to come out for an hour run? Getting back to running after several years away and hope to make it on Wednesdays mornings.

all the best - John M.

Higg said...

John M. Lots of great trails in the Phoenix Mountain preserve. Plug in the address 7400 N Squaw Peak Drive into Google. This is our Wednesday starting point. We try to switch up the route every week. Here is a link for a map of a trails in the area. http://phoenix.gov/webcms/groups/internet/@inter/@rec/@arts/@mus/@pueblo/documents/web_content/ppdembed.gif
Cos, can you post one of the routes from your GPS watch?

Higg said...

Oops 7400 E Squaw Peak Drive