Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WMRC 3/28

Look who remembered a reminder. My mind is tired of no sleep and baby farts.

We are on tomorrow morning at 5:17am at the top lot of SQ PK DR. Blue will be there, I probably won't.

Runner of the week is Honey Albrecht. She ran the Gorge Waterfalls 50K in 5:41 over the weekend. Had to be one of the prettiest courses I have ever seen. Ran past 7 falls like the picture above.

Everyone else tied for last place.

Do I seem bitter? I haven't slept in 5 weeks and am training for a 100 on 17 miles a week and 2.6 hrs of sleep a night. Bye.


Blue Dog said...

Its about fricking time someone does a reminder. I look forward to these more than barking at the pool guy, doosh! Hides my balls. Whatever, when am I gonna run again. Someone pick me up at 5:06am, be in front.....Blue Dog.

Higg said...

Blue Dog, your bark has crystalized my thoughts.