Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WMRC - February 1

We're on for a trail run in the mountain preserves in the morning. Departing at 5:16 a.m. at the top of Squaw Peak Drive. An apology goes out from Blue Dog who's initial pace split the group up and had various runners scattered all over the park. The pace will be a steady, group friendly run through the preserve. Come one, come all.


Jeremy Dougherty said...

The guy that made this video is coming into Phoenix to run the San Tan 50K this weekend. I'm picking him up for the race. Jerry Armstrong's his name. I asked him to fly in early so he could meet us tomorrow but he heard about Blue Dog's pace and said he didn't want to wear himself out for the race. :)

Blue Dog said...

I was grounded for averaging 9:45 miles??? Really, you bunch of pussies! I hope you trip with your only 2 feet and bust your nose.

Little Monkey said...

Blue Dog,
Wednesdays are for everyone to enjoy, not just the Extreme runners. If you want to bust a nut, do it on any other day, not Wednesday.


Higg said...

Yes. Wednesday is group recovery runs. Easy for me to say from the bleachers. Do I really have to get off my couch and police you guys?