Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WMRC 2/8

We got fast people in this group!

We are on for a group trail run in the PMP tomorrow morning at 5:17 am. Meet at the top lot of Sq Pk Dr. 1:04 and about 5.84 miles. You can run around in circles with Jay after if you want to get 6.00 miles.

Runners of the week- The super fast Matt Schmidt won the San Tan Scramble 50K on Sat. His time of 4:01 shattered the course record and if he wasn't carrying a huge back pack he could have broke 4 hrs.

Another week another win for Paulette, she won the womens 50k race.

Nick Coury of Aravaipa fame went out to his competitors race and won the Xterra 15 miler in the McDowells on Sunday.

JJ and Liz went to the Matazals and this is what happened to Lizzies leg.

See everyone tomorrow, I will be starting early from 22nd st to get in an extra hour if anyone is interested.

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Anonymous said...

Typical leg damage at FHSP - Stu Gleman calls these 'rat bites' Are you training for that event, Liz?