Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WMRC 1/25


We are on for a 5.89 mile trail run at 5:17 am tomorrow morning. Blue will be leading and he is feeling a bit ornery.

Congrats to all WMRCer's that got into the San Diego 100. That is going to be a fun weekend.

Runner of the week goes to Perry Edinger, old school WMRCer that got 11th place in the Coldwater Rumble 31K over the past weekend. The Coury brothers continue to put on quality events. Thanks guys!

We are doing new shirts in the next couple weeks, They will be North Face Tech shirts with the WMRC/iRun logo. iRun will be underwriting the shirts, so the cost per shirt is $6.00. White, Black, Grey and Orange are the options. Stay tuned.....

See everyone tomorrow morning.


wittearch said...

I will be there but I need a SLOW buddy...my leg is not fully recovered...Next surgery is this friday So I will likely be out for a couple weeks after that as well...what fun.

Danny Speros said...

Joe - Hope surgery goes well and you feel better soon!

Boone said...

Hey, what's the status on those shirts? I'd love to get a black one!