Monday, March 8, 2010

OP 50 Recovery Run 3.10.10

Reminder: Group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve Wednesday morning at 5:14 AM. Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace. With all the rain over the last few months the area is lush and green as ever. We’re also being treated to a sunrise at the end of the runs now. Don’t miss out!!!

When you complete your first 50-mile race you are pretty much guaranteed a Runner Of The Week Award (hint for some of you). Congratulations to Jason Klonoski who has been on a roll lately. January Cave Creek Trail Marathon – Done; February Pemberton 50k – Done; March Old Pueblo 50 mile – Done! Jason overcame a 4-mile wrong turn at mile 19 and persevered to the finish. What’s next? I see a 100K then a 100-mile in your future…

Also a huge congrats to Rachel Jones who also finished her first 50 mile. Rachel ran the race with her two good friends Liz and Laura and crewed by her husband Jeff. It doesn't get much better than that. Great job all of you!!

Another Old Pueblo 50 standout performance from Jody Chase. 2nd female overall in a time of 9:46:23. Expect big things from her this year!! Already running strong.

The traveling Coury brothers are on their way back to Phoenix from their Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon run in Mexico. Nick was the first international runner finishing 6th overall in 7:29 behind 5 Tarahumara runners. Jamil finished 12th 7:56 as the 3rd international runner. Nick said the weather was great all day and just an amazing experience running with the Tarahumara.

Its not Copper Canyon but it is still beautiful. Don’t forget to come out for the Mesquite Canyon Trail Runs in the White Tanks Mountains March 20th. Sign up!!

Old Pueblo 2010 A Spectator's Perspective from Jeff Jones on Vimeo.


Jeff B. said...

Incredible job Nick/Jamil. Keeping pushing we all want to see your name at the top of list at ZG50 next month; beat Karl. It should be very interesting and a very good race. I see from the entrance list that it will be very competitive!

azspeedgoat said...

JJ, You spelled Melissa Etheridge's name wrong. She is gonna kick your ass! Great Job Klown and Rae Rae and the rest of you peeps.

Jonesman said...

I run, I crew, I pace and then document the whole process, no editors, no help at all and then you bitch because I misspelled your girlfriend's name? :)

Jonesman said...

Big shout out to my good buddy Gino from Chicago, ran his first ultra at OP, did a great job and met all his goals. He was sporting #23 (Michael Jordan + Chicago Bulls) Syncornicity?

Gangeli said...

the real shout out should go to you jeff, for putting up with many months of questions, and helping to keep me motivated the whole time! there aren't words that can really describe how much its meant to me. you embody everything i've always heard about ultrarunners...kind, giving, thoughtful, and helpful

its almost enough to make me wish i lived here so i could join the wmrc, but i don't think i could handle all this rain ;)

also, i've got to say, i was pretty darn excited to find out i was #23 :)