Thursday, March 11, 2010

Caballo Blanco's 2010 Copper Canyon Ultra Run Report

Check out el Caballo Blanco's 2010 Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon report. Great job Nick (el Agulia) Coury and Jamil (el Carnero) Coury!2009 Photo by Marcos Ferro Tarasiuk


Paulette Jo said...


Any of the Knowledgeable WMRCers know anything about Tahoe Rim Trail? They just took me off the wait list, and I have until the 17th to sign up for the 100 if I want to. Anyone want to go to Tahoe ;)?

Higg said...

Tahoe Rim Trail: Harrison? Latvaaho? Kirk?

Paulette Jo said...

Eh, I signed up anyways. Sign up now, figure out the schematics later, right:). Who's up for some elevation training!!