Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt 3/31

I have hidden about 30 easter eggs out in the preserve and we will have a run on Wed to see see if anyone can find them.

We will meet at 5:17 am on Wed morning. Should be great weather and almost full moon.

Congrats to runner of the week Debbie Leftwich for her personal best in the 100 mile distance at the Umstead 100 over the weekend. She ran a very fast 21:32. Well done Deb!

Runner up goes to Joe Galope for the 50 mile distance at the same race. Just over 8 hours, nice run Joe G.

Both rockin the new WMRC gear they rep the group very well.

Prizes for the best easter outfit. If anyone wears Bunny ears or carries an easter basket, there will be additional prizes.

See everyone Wed am-


Anonymous said...

Why does the 100 miler look like she's running faster than the 50 miler?

Anonymous said...


azspeedgoat said...

Very nice observation, Joe G, can you explain this.

Joe said...

I make it look effortlessly

Higg said...

Just checking in. I was out of town today. How did the run go this morning? Survive without me?