Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mesquite Canyon Recovery Run 3.24.10

Reminder: We are on for a group trail run in the Phoenix Mountains tomorrow morning 5:18 AM. Meet at the same old spot, top of Squaw Peak Drive north of Glendale / Lincoln Drive. (Past the main trail head of Piestewa Peak). Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace. We encourage first timers and visitors to join us in a run to experience in this beautiful area.

This Past weekend the Coury Brothers / Aravaipa Running put on the inaugural Mesquite Canyon Trail Runs in the White Tank Mountain just west of Phoenix. Four races commenced with WMRC runners participating in the 50K, 25K and 10 mile events.

Runner of the Week #1: Congratulations to Paulette Zillmer who was the first female finisher overall in the 50K with a time of 5:31:40. Very Nice!Runner of the Week #2: Congratulations to Chip Gosewisch who finised the 50K 8th overall in a time of 5:14:30. Someone told me his calf muscles get lots of the credit too!?

Our group prides itself on promoting trail running and get people out who may never have run a trail race or an Ultra Marathon before. Congratulations to Jeremy Dougherty who finished the 50K 17th overall in a time of 5:36:53. Jeremy just started running with us a couple months ago and this was his second 50K.

First timer: Last week Wednesday morning we had a first time trail runner run with us. His name is Manoj Nagalla. After the run he overheard everyone talking about the Mesquite Canyon trail runs. So he thinks that sounds like fun and enters the 50K. Congratulations Manoj on finishing your first Trail Ultra. Great job. We hope to see you out again.

Other WMRC notables who completed the 50K: Roig, Pearce, Higgins, Hughes, Dehaan, Rondeau, Harding, Sarka just to name a few because we always miss someone. Who else?

25K: The get off the Couch award: Nice job Steve Ward who ran to a comfortable 11th overall place. Other WMRC notables - Lisa Osinga 5th overall female 3:02:44 and Kate McCarville 3:51:10. Nice job ladies!!...and Steve.

10 mile: Congrats Mike Auther, who also just started to run with us a few months ago. Keep it going!!!
Can you tell from the picture below who won their division and who feels like crap??? What's up with that Hat?


azspeedgoat said...

Great job everyone, especially Wardo! Great job to the Coury bros for giving us another run. I'm in for next year.

Higg said...

Thanks Honey for your support and hanging with me for awhile!

Higg said...

Also thanks to Debbie, Aaron, and Joe for working a couple Aid Stations. Always nice to see friendly faces!

Jonesman said...

You missed Justin Bridges you know the guy that did his first run with us last summer and bloodied his nipples. Been running with us ever since took care of his nipples and finished the 25K

Honey said...

Runner of the week should also go to you Higgie!! Anybody that can look that good in a bonnet...er, I mean hat, deserves ROW. I'm tellin' ya, the chicks love it.
Congrats to all the runners and the Coury boys.

Jon Roig said...

Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Manoj did Honey's 18 miler up in the Mazatzals as his first race... apparently, plunging through the bushes 'n' whatnot up there convinced him this was a good idea, for some reason.

manojnagalla said...

:-) This is one of the best runs I did so far. While running I was wondering why I was doing it. But after finishing looking forward to do my next one. Great job by Coury brothers organizing the event. Runners on the course were great and thanks for all the support. Could not make this morning, but will be there from next Wednesday.

Jeff B. said...

Another great race by the Coury brother! Congrats to all the WMRC, especially champion Paulette!