Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009 Squaw Peak Scramble Poker Run 10/24

Save the date. Squaw Peak Scramble Poker Run....IT IS ON!!!! Dreamy Draw Lot- Saturday, Oct 24th at 7:30 am. Race to Start promptly 8:01 am.

This is a no fee event!

Here are the rules. Only one rule, STAY ON THE TRAILS! NO CROSS COUNTRY! (Cheaters receive a 2 minute "time out" in the 40th street bathroom. Trust me that smell is life threatening you don't want to do it) You can take any route, any trail and any order to get to the 3 check points and then back to the start. You will be given a playing card at each of the 3 checkpoints as well as one at the start and finish. 5 total. The runner with the best poker hand at the finish is the grand prize winner and receives the Traveling Trophy. Other potential categories: fastest run time, slowest run time, best costume (May as well try out that costume. Holloween is the following week), attitude, most blood. Etc….

The distance is anywhere from 8-10 miles depending on your route. Brad went 11.5 in 2006. Don’t follow him, Average 8.67.

*Start and Finish: Dreamy Draw Park

*40th st lot
*Tatum Parking lot
* WMRC lot - Squaw Peak Drive top lot

Each checkpoint will have an aid station set up. Check in with them and get your playing card and then run off to the next checkpoint. There is no water at Tatum lot. Get water at Sq Pk. and 40th st.

Course Records
Poker Hand- Kirk McCarville- Straight flush to the King- 2006 – Prediction- Never will be beaten.
Men - Adam Hunt 2009 - 1:13:01
Women - Honey Albrecht 2009 1:21:45 – Prediction- Honey will break her own record once again.
Best costume- Mens: Brad Parker 2006 - Forest Gump; Womens Honey Albrecht 2009 - Catra

WMRC Poker Run from Jeff Jones on Vimeo.


azspeedgoat said...

Outstanding Higg. This is always a good time. I predict Blue will win the canine division again.

Jonesman said...

Free!!!!!!!!! That's a hundred dollar value. Are there going to be any prizes made by that metal artist guy? I really, really liked his stuff last year......didn't like him, talked too much.

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