Friday, July 10, 2009

Taking a toll

Trying to put it all together here back in Phoenix. Wardo reports that there was a big hail storm on Handies (+14,000 ft). Kirk and Jody had to drop. Jody battling altitude sickness and Kirk stomach and hypothermia.

According to the webcast Jamil ended up staying in Ouray for some time but left with Andrew. This will be a good team. So the four amigos would be Jamil paced by Nick and Andrew paced by Chip. They can all have a group hug on top of Virginius to stay warm:)

Honey went though Engineer at 11:21 PM. Looks like she is continuing with a steady pace. She should arrive in Ouray mile 56 around 2:20 AM or so. Look forward to hearing Joe's report.

Robert was about 40 min or so behind Honey. He is one tough dude!

If anyone can fill in the blanks please do!


Higg said...

Just realized that at Telluride mile 72, Meltzer is an hour ahead of Jurek's counter clockwise record and Diana Finkle is 2 hours ahead of Krissy's 2007 record. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Jamil recovered, picked up some time and is out with Nick. Nathan paced earlier. Andrew and Chip motor on. Darkness took it's toll and lots of loose rock brought complaints, but fueling is going fine. Now it's light. - Karen H