Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hello from Hardrock!

Hello from Ouray, Colorado. The drive from Phoenix was rather uneventful. I arrived with Honey, Liz, Aaron and Debbie on Friday. We met up with some other WMRC’ers who arrived earlier Krik and Kate , Jody who was with her son Zach, and Andrew who was with his family. We strolled around town and even got in some brief hiking to get a lay of the land.
On Saturday, the town hosted a 10K run that Liz, Andrew’s wife Karen and I participated in. The Hardrockers cheered us on from the road side. Later that day, Jody rode on a zipline that was strewn across Box Canyon gorge. The town really takes their 4th of July seriously and had all sorts events and celebrations going. Some of the gang ventured out onto the course and got a few hours of hiking and running on the Bear Creek Trail out of Ouray. Honey unfortunately tripped and landed on her face leaving a nice cut on her chin and lip along with a nice black & blue mark. It looks like she just joined a Fight Club.
Today we got into some serious course exploration. We met up with Julie and Duane Arter from Tucson, along with Betsy Kalmeyer to go up and over Virginius Pass (13,100’). We drove to Governor Basin went up and over Virginius and down into Telluride. The participants included Julie, Honey, Andrew, Liz, Kirk, Aaron, Jody and her pacers (Rick & Dale), Betsy and me. ....Joe G.
I'll be continuing to post photos at this album:
WMRC gang at Hardrock 100

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Higg said...

That’s for keeping all of us updated back in Arizona. The weather looks great up in Colorado! All you hardrockers have fun and stay safe. We’ll be watching closely.